Friday, July 23, 2010

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  1. Dawn of the Dan


  2. Umm…

  3. *Slumps off chair onto floor in boredom coma*

  4. The fact that lamebook allows you to join the easy bake oven group but doesn’t provide a link for the Homopedonecrobeastiality group seems a bit judgmental. Lamebook! Who are you to decide which groups are worth joining/liking and which ones aren’t?

    Give me the damn baby animal humping link now!

  5. Oh wait… I didn’t see the dead part. I don’t think I want to join now.

  6. Come on now mcowles, you know you still wanna.

  7. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    That penis joke has been around since [insert something old here] but for some reason it has really started getting around lately. And I agree with mcowles, Lamebook is being a bit judgmental with that Homopedonecrobeastiality group.

    Here we are, everyone enjoy this link from their fan page:

  8. I feel really bad, I didn’t realize it had it so bad! I’m so sorry! Cheer up soon.

  9. ‘munting’ eh …. and I thought ‘docking’ was fucked up.


  10. The last one earned a chuckle, but the picture is funnier than the group name. A length issue?

  11. It’s not even there…. I tried searching for “Homopedonecrobestiality” on Facebook but got no results….


  12. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Here you go Iron_E

    By the way you spelled it wrong, you missed the a in beAstiality

  13. All very boringgggggggggggggg.

  14. How is the Michael Jackson/Justin Bieber thing funny or lame?

  15. @Leebo, lame pedophilia humor?

  16. Why do people insist on putting an A in bestiality? D:

  17. I never join groups that have incorrect spelling and/or grammar in their titles, and as much as I’d like to join the Homo… one, my purist nature won’t let me.

  18. Love the last one, especially the other pictures on the group page- “I could teach you, but I must levy a fee”

    IMO, Easy Bake Oven jokes have been lame since 1964.

  19. MsBuzzkillington

    I was thinking the exact same thing about lemons the other day. Sugarless lemonade is still pretty gross.

    The Easy Bake oven one is definitely not a joke. It is for serious.

  20. Damn. That’s what I get for spelling properly… corrected with incorrect spelling. What is wrong with this world? 🙁

  21. i first heard the “penis has a hard life” bit in 4th grade….in 1978. why the fuck would you bother posting it? Are we going to start getting knock knock jokes next?

  22. can someone tell me what that 4 score one is about i dont get it

  23. @ k2fune4u

    4 score = 80. add 19 and that makes 99. It’s a play on the song, “I got 99 problems but a bitch ain’t one,” but it’s set in the 1800s.

  24. @ k2fune4u

    Jay-Z’s address in Gettysburg is 8019 Kunte Kinte Lane. It’s a dilapidated gay community, so that describes both the difficulties and the lack of women.

  25. meh

  26. Bleh. See? My disinterest in one letter greater than yours. No matter how dark your clothing is, or how many scars decorate your skin, my blasé attitude will always be far superior to yours.

  27. Munting is some fucked up shit… I’m just saying.

  28. The portraits from the final link are quite amusing

  29. wow, a lot of the comments on the easy bake oven one are DISGUSTING. i mean i personally don’t find sexist jokes funny, but i don’t get offended if they’re meant as a joke and not serious… but that group seems pretty serious :/

  30. Why in the shit is Lamebook giving the us opportunity to join a group with terrible grammar in the title?

    Thank you for something more lame than your stupid page of pop-up ads, Lamebook. :p

  31. lol @Soup

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