Friday, July 23, 2010

Look on the Bright Side

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  1. Oh right, so it’s “Hey you bunch of concerned co-workers over there consoling that balling bitch because her brother just died, get your asses over here, I want my wings, and I want them yesterday, fuckheads!”

    Got it.

  2. ^Oh, right, so it’s “Attention customers, one of our waitress’s brother just died, please everybody go now, we’re closing until she gets better”

  3. ^ You’re onto something there. Considering the fat fucks who frequent fast food restaurants, and in the process just get fatter, then further increase the burden on the healthcare system in which I work, well then yeah, I’d happily see them close their doors for that or any other reason. It’d make my working day a lot easier.

  4. I’m never usually in such a confrontational frame of mind. I’ll leave now, get drunk, and return later.

  5. at first, I thought the Wild Wing girl was shooting basketball… oh, grammar

  6. Well, it IS called fast food… So please, stop crying and give me my food. Don’t mix your personal life with your work. Thanks.

  7. I can’t believe that when Tyler saw the waitress crying and being comforted by the other staff his first thought was “Where the hell are my wings?!”. Any human being with even the tiniest hint of compassion would at least wonder if she was alright.

  8. I have to agree with wordperv and underthesea. you people are assholes without compassion. Guess what? professionality and your service of hotwings IS less important than someone’s grief. That’s real life. And when real life is happening everything else goes by the wayside. Someday you too will be in that situation where you unexpectedly hear of the death of a loved one. I hope someone starts screaming at you about daring to show your grief in public you heartless bastards.

  9. “professionality and your service of hotwings IS less important than someone’s grief.”

    Amen to that.

    And considering that Tyler specifically said, “girl server,” the implication is she was “balling” merely because she was an overemotional girl. Which makes him even more of an inconsiderate dick.

    I assumed, from Kevin’s response, that he was the one who went in to tell the server that her brother had died. Not sure how else he would know why a female server would be “balling.” Or he’s just jumping to a massive conclusion…

    Either way, Tyler is 100% in the wrong. Whether he is a customer or not, human decency still counts for something.

  10. ^Kevin went to the restaurant to tell her, that is…

  11. Correction: I neglected to see Tyler’s update was made via mobile phone, so I guess that could somehow explain Kevin’s knowledge of his cousin’s “balling.”

    Again, either way…

  12. I have dealt with women crying in a professional work environment due to the following: Reprimand, argument with a coworker, argument with a friend/boyfriend, lack of internet access, and a burnt steak (she was the chef).

    Death of a loved one is an entirely valid reason to break down. But as an outsider (customer) it would be impossible to determine the reasoning. Personally, I’d just go to the bar to get a beer and watch the show.

  13. If the entire wait staff stopped doing their jobs to console her, that ought to have sent up some kind of flag that maybe it was more than a trivial upset for the girl.

    I don’t know. I’m just sayin’…

  14. My crying about Orlando Bloom marrying Miranda Kerr stopped my entire workplace yesterday, _isglory.

    But really, I’m with you all the way on this one. There are some stone-cold bastards on here.

    Walk a mile, people, walk a mile.

  15. In their shoes, that is.

  16. Word, you and I are on the same page regarding the Bloom – Kerr nuptials. Just on different sides of the fence.

    Again, my experience would lead me to believe that it was something silly, but I’d be more than happy to wait as long as I had access to the bar. The tip might suffer, though.

  17. Soup, I’m the same side as you, buddy.

  18. Same side of the fucking fence. I’m not being clear enough. Drinking…

  19. Cheers.

  20. Oh dear. A word-Miranda sandwich might just be more than I could handle. On the plus side, I could use my hardness to carve ice sculptures of you both.

  21. I’ve no doubt you could cut diamonds with that thing.

    And what a superb sculpture that would be. Pity they ultimately melt. You’d be sleeping on a gigantic and very cold word/Miranda wet spot.

  22. Why do I suddenly feel the urge to launch into a Wiggles song right about now?

    I need a hobby.

    And a stronger drink. Whiskey isn’t working.

  23. @tiffuknee,uhh no,i would do exactly what i said i would.

  24. ohbabybaby – It’s amazing that you have that kind of control. Really, if I found out, on the spot, that an immediate family member had perished, I would fall apart. And I wouldn’t care who was there watching.

    I would like that much control, though.

    As I’m sure you would.

  25. i would what?
    want that much control?
    sorry,cant want something you already have..

  26. @ohbabybaby

    I apologize if I’m bringing up bad memories, but could you share with us the close family members you’ve lost in your life?

  27. For some reason, I kinda assumed that Kevin was making that up and he was the one being the ass.
    Like when someone posts “omg i’m soooooooOOOooo pizzed I hope blahandblah gets mugged by midgets wearing cowboy hats with elephants riding on top of them making love to a black man with a blanket and chicken” then someone comments “my uncle died by getting mugged by midgets wearing cowboy hats with elephants riding on top of them making love to a black man with a blanket and chicken”.

  28. OPPS pissed, not pizzed. Would pizzed be the past tense of pizza, if pizza was to be a verb?

  29. Alex straight took that line from How High.

  30. @soup, my cousin.he and i were extremely close.

  31. dietpillpyramidscheme

    Soup, you’ve been only vaguely vulgar through this transaction… What gives?

    In terms of wages, and prices, I can tell you that musical instruments see a 100% markup in Australia… yay?

    I’m sure it also applies to things I have no interest in.

  32. @underthesea (57) – Exactly what I was thinking.

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