Wednesday, October 6, 2010

That’s Folked Up

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  1. Are 13 year old kids even allowed to be on facebook?

  2. Sexual harassment is NOT A CRIME!

    Rude, yes.

    My god the stupid is scary out there.

  3. Yep. You have to be at least 13 years old to register an account.

    Of course, it’s very loosely enforced, as I’ve seen unborn children, toddlers, and cat/dogs under the age of 13 with accounts 😛

  4. 1. I passed something the size of a watermelon out of my anus, just thought I’d share that.

    2. I like it when women think they’re being oh so clever by copying and pasting shitty memes that incorporate some sexual innuendo when in fact, it’s fucking shit and I don’t care.

    3. Kill me now, I can only cope with so much stupid in one day. today’s quota has been reached.

  5. I think Lisa is brilliant.

  6. I feel totally ripped off. I had to wait until I got into college and had an “official University email address” to get facebook. But soon after I signed up they changed it so everyone can get a facebook.

  7. The ‘I like it on the ___’ meme is so pointless and I wish women wouldn’t think it’s cute or clever or totally getting back at men by doing it.

  8. @ # 7: kudos for calling it a “meme”. @ # 4(3): you best be making your will out.

  9. so none of y’all had sex at 13?

  10. I’m not supposed to tell, but I believe that “I like it on the___” thing is for breast cancer awareness, just like the bra color stuff was. They aren’t trying to get back at men or be clever.

    Also, I passed something the size of a watermelon INTO my vajayjay. Take that, Lisa.

  11. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    We knowMEG. What is with people pointing out the obvious lately?

  12. Huh… it’s my birthday on the 8th o.O

  13. I was about to join Android in a suicide pact, but #10 made me ROFL, that’s made my day. I doubt anything else on LB is going to top that 🙂

    Dukey you douchebag, stop hassling MEG!

  14. Dukey, in all honesty, I couldn’t tell anyone had any idea from the comments here. No one was giving any indication that they knew, so I clarified. And I wanted to join the fun too!
    Thanks, Saffer!

  15. @ MEG – I should very much like to know what you “passed” into your vagina. Was it a Renault Clio?

  16. Well you see, I was hanging up the curtains on the window, naked, just like I always do, and the watermelon was sitting on the table, and I fell down…

  17. ^And it just slipped in? Does it echo when you talk?

  18. hey this reminds me of a funny (and unfortunately true) story…..

    i had a teacher who’s son worked in the E.R. and a guy came in with a croquet ball in his rectum. best part? his son took him to the hospital and had to explain it. worst part? getting it out. they couldn’t pull it out. they gave him a bunch of laxatives to…umm….force it out and that didn’t work. so they end up surgically removing this ball from his ass. only problem is, remember that shit load of laxatives they gave him? yeah…..not pretty.

  19. clarification: croquet ball guy’s son took the guy in, not my teacher’s. the teacher’s son was a radiologist in the ER at the time.

  20. No, it doesn’t echo, but it has learned to call people “asshat” and sing the star trek theme song.

  21. That’s a talented good-good.

  22. Muepsilongamma –
    I would think it would whistle, rather than sing, myself….

  23. MsBuzzkillington

    Bailey’s comment combo made me laugh. One of those dumb things I guess.

  24. I think Melissa should realise that the worst possible solution to her daughter being sexually active is to send her to an all girls school. Especially if it’s a catholic school.

  25. God calm down Melissa ….. she’s 13 after all

  26. Ped, you’re right. Those all girls schools…

    I’m an example of an all girls school education.

  27. Oh, and I’m Catholic, too. Ha.

  28. Good on you Lisa, I hate vague status updates. At least the breast cancer ones are just a bit of fun, not an attempt at attention. Mary’s response made me giggle.

  29. bobloblaw
    idk I’m just playing along with the joke.

  30. you can’t fix stupid…

  31. Oh and word, me too: Religious, boarding, and all-girls! Look how well we turned out, spending our free time on lamebook.

  32. We turned out damn fine, Saffer, damn fine. There are worse ways to squander our free time. I feel no shame.

  33. 1. I hate people that say vajayjay. They should be run over by a rolling Godzilla that just stepped into some whale shit…and then run over again by a giant harvester.

    2. The woman’s legs should be broken for spelling her daughter’s name Kayleigh. And then she should be sent back to school. A school just like the one that was the inspiration for “Another Brick In the Wall.”

    3. Smile, tomorrow will be worse -Murphy’s philosophy

  34. lanimpie:

    kayleigh is the british spelling, she hasn’t spelt it wrong

  35. @lanimpie

    how do you spell Kayleigh, just out of curiosity?

  36. I’ve seen it as Kayleigh and Kaylee, but more Kayleigh. It’s a pretty name

  37. lol @ the people who think the Breast Cancer awareness posts are not trying to be clever or to get attention. Of course they are. That’s how you get awareness.

  38. @Saffer
    That’s what I was thinking… Had never really seen it spelt another way! Which was why I was curious how lanimpie spells it

  39. Alright i have to take the second point back. I researched and found out it was the more common spelling. But there are still too many people in the US that really mess up their babies’ names just to make them “unique”…the latest one i heard of was Brittini. Like my friend said, it looks like some fake italian frozen meal. Apologies to all the Kayleigh readers; someday i’ll get you flowers, or fish or something.

  40. No worries lanimpie, was just a mild curiosity. 🙂

    It happens over here too (UK) – Daymion and Kammron are two that spring to mind. What’s the harm in spelling a name correctly?

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