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  1. Why all slate Cornell? Sure, you can study agriculture, hoteliery, and even food and beverage management there. It’s pathetic intellectual snobbery to think that’s a bad thing. Why is learning ancient Assyrian or medieval philosophy so susperior? The advancement of study of how to grow food seems far more useful (and liable to save lives) than the ability to hold an argument with Thomas Aquinas. You’re more likely to run a complex multinational business than to bump into an ancient Assyrian. Running farms and businesses is not something only done by stupid people, and the injection of intelligent and well-educated young people into those fields can only be a good thing. The idea that they’re just vocational/professional subjects, not “academic”, and therefore shouldn’t be at a “real university” are rubbish: most good universities have schools of business, medicine, law, education or engineering and those are considered to be perfectly fine professional schools. Why shouldn’t agriculture? It’s highly closed-minded, and relies on perpetuating outdated 19th century stereotypes of what is a “valid profession” for a nice middle class young man.

    For what it’s worth, Oxbridge FTW.

  2. You get out of education what you put into it.
    If you dont put any effort into it, you wont get good grades whether you go to a college where the lecturer is Einstein or a a college where the lecturer is Detective Mittens.

    Maybe the “better” colleges just have more motivated students, you know..

  3. I call bullshit. what kind of assholey dad would break the news to his daughter on facebook.

  4. Wow, way to make that girl feel worse by saying that she didn’t get in Cornell on the world wide web. That news should have been said at home.
    I give the father the “Worst Protecting Your Child from Embarrassment” award.

  5. To be fair, she did kind of have it coming what with the bragging about it on Facebook without checking the name.

  6. parenting win

  7. this is clearly photoshopped…wtf

  8. While jizzing on your mom I screamed fake at this.

  9. You can’t write this stuff, this is amazing.
    HAHAHA what a fail.

  10. Back to the strip club for Stephanie then

  11. and why the fuck did Steph learn about her sister’s acceptance into cornell from facebook?? What a family!

  12. Because her family would have seen that the letter came from Cornell and was addressed to her sister. They would not have opened it to see what it said.

  13. xxxtheworldsgreatestxxx

    HAHAHAHA this is one of the funniest!!!! lmfao!!

  14. … Ouch.

  15. That seems kind of set up.

  16. Why do you consider this mean? I mean, it’s the truth right? He (dad) just stated the facts before there were too many congratulations going around and then she would have had to explain to hundreds more people. Also, she avoids the horrible “oh so when you leaving for cornell” conversations.

    Dad FTW

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