Monday, November 9, 2009

Rocks Off


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  1. presumably all the people who liked this status don’t like shannon…

  2. With her comment, I can kinda understand why

  3. 15 people liked this?! she must be a real bitch

  4. I’m sure a lot of the likes came after her comment, when people saw how much of a itch she was.

  5. *bitch

  6. Good choice, Kevin.

  7. I really liked Will’s response.

  8. i lol’d at the FIFTEEN people who liked that. xD jesus christ…

  9. Okay…so, you break up with your fiancee, log into Facebook, change your relationship status…and don’t delete said psycho ex from your Friends?

    Equally lame.

  10. Best. Lamebook entry. Evah.

  11. yeah baby

  12. Hi Ree-Ree.

  13. “ALL OF YOU..”

    HMM…how much of him is there?

  14. This has nothing to do with this specific point, but has anyone else mentioned/seen this?:

  15. ^Quitit
    Seriously? I find it crazy that anyone would go to that much effort!

  16. @ quitit: It’s still quite basic though, as in it only works for status updates with comments, and there doesn’t seem to be any way to like the status etc – thank god

  17. 13

    that made me laugh a lot, ha, thanks xD

  18. look what i found:


  19. oh I totallyyy didn’t notice someone else just posted that haha sorry..

  20. Going from engaged to single seems to have been a good move…

  21. Love it! The 15 likes just rocks! 😀
    Shannon’s “all of you & your friends” comment is great, too. All of Kevin, or all of the people posting/ liking the status (implying they aren’t friends)& his friends?

  22. I see why 15 people liked him going single, I guess they saw how she was a crazy bitch.

  23. At least that’s better than a bunch of, ‘O noes. I wish thur wuz a disliik button.’ Which is what I see everytime one of my friends posts something bad news-y.

  24. I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed she said “all of you” then added “and your fucking friends” because…that doesn’t make any sense at all. Kevin is more than one person?

  25. To be fair, she was probably too busy having her hissy fit to think straight enough to think about her grammar. Too bad it made her look a tad stupid as well as a little crazy.

    I feel for you, if I see one more “we want a dislike button” group/comment I might actually scream.

  26. He goes from engaged to single, and Jess asks if they are “on the rocks”. Is it just me or was that a bit of a dumb question?

  27. @26, Judging from Shannon’s craziness, I’d guess that they’re one of the couples that change their relationship status every other day. Hence the “on the rocks.”

  28. 15 likes? Or Jon’s simple congratulatory comment? I’m wondering which drove the knife deeper into psycho Shannon’s heart.

  29. Brilliant. Will proves that simple and sweet is most effective sometimes. No need for all these elaborate, florid statements. Andrew could probably learn something from him, last seen drowning in a ‘catacyslmic destruction of self-writhe’.

  30. *like*

  31. The “All of you” part confused me. I guess maybe she’s talking to everyone who posted…and their friends? I don’t know…she’s crazy. I don’t even know this guy, but I’m guessing he’s better off without her.

  32. All your base are belong to us…AND YOUR FUCKING FRIENDS CAN FUCK OFF!!!

  33. When you split up from someone, delete them from your friends list before you go broadcasting the gory details. Saves women who may or may have lost the plot a bit losing the plot a bit more on your facebook page.

  34. It would make life less interesting for us though Ruth. Just more typos.

  35. Virgin in Vermont

    Losing the plot, haha. You people and your sayings.

  36. @Ruth
    Actually, all he did was change his status to single. He didn’t say a word. His friends kind of said it all!

  37. LOL maybe he has multiple personality disorder and she doesnt like any of the personalities…

  38. I’m guessing she was a massive bitch.

  39. It’s pretty obvious she’s a crazy bitch, I mean just look at that reply, serious caps lock raping.

  40. Asshole friends are the best. I purposely don’t bring the bitty I’m banging around my friends until I get bored of her, because of this reason.

  41. John Players Standard

    “Okay…so, you break up with your fiancee, log into Facebook, change your relationship status…and don’t delete said psycho ex from your Friends? ”

    lol where is the fun in that?

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