Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Quick Ones

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  1. Number three made me chuckle. I have also been victim to a number of mistyped searches.

  2. MY money’s on the one with the gun. Who the hell brings a knife to a gun fight?

    #4 needs a camera with a good zoom lens (optical, not digital), a small tripod, and a parabolic mic. Same setup used for football games and wildlife documentaries. I guess #4 kind of IS a wildlife documentary…

  3. I love these (LOL)!!! It’s so fucking awesome to see new comedians trying out their material on FB. I wish there was some way to friend them, I’d be laughing all day LOL.

    Thank you lamebook for posting shit.

  4. Fake white trash

  5. I use a remote control.

  6. I had already seen the Gary Oldman on

    Just thought I’d burst someone’s bubble.

  7. teenytinycornteeth

    Do people think that anyone believes they came up with these witty one liners on the spot? Facebook: Where You Can Be The Caustic Wit You Thought You Were

  8. I actually LOL’d at the first one.

  9. That bitch nigga look like a bitch

  10. Dawn of the Dan

    I actually said the same Samuel Jackson/Marcellus Wallace joke to my roommate last week, thinking I was the first to come up with it, but a google search for “Siri Marcellus Wallace” returns 2 million hits.


  12. No.1 – I though Samuel L Jackson was good in the Shawshank Redemtion and Demolition Man.

    No.2 – I don’t see the point?

    No.3 – Gay Oldman had a part to play in the worst experience of my life too. Grandad was a right a cunt.

    No.4 – Blah.. Blah.. Something about dogging..blah blah blah… and spunk.

  13. ^No.1 – It was Morgan Freeman, I get you were trying to be funny, but NEVER mock the fucking Freeman.

    Dawn of the Dan; I believe you – it’s a shit joke.

  14. Yeah sorry about that, I got confused. Morgan Freeman was good in The Green Mile though wasn’t he?

  15. That was Wesley Snipes. Arsehole.

  16. Are you sure, I thought Wesley Snipes was the dude from Big Mommas’ House?

  17. No that was Will Smith, you must be thinking of Malcolm X.

  18. No, that was Malcolm Jamal Warner; you’re thinking of Reginald VelJohnson.

  19. You’re ALL wrong! It was Arsenio Hall.

  20. Now I know you’re taking the piss, Arsenio Hall is the President of America not a fucking actor!

  21. No, you’re thinking of Eddie Murphy. He also played Arsenio Hall in one of his speeches.

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