Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Draw Some Problems

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  1. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Mac still sucks even in the 21st.

  2. I was going to make a derogatory comment about tech. nerds, then I googled ‘draw something’ and i REALLY WANT IT!

  3. ^ you can play something very similar free online at omgpop . com

  4. Thanks teeko, i’m definitely hitting that up next time i’ve got nothing better to do!

  5. such a great point. Its a game where you don’t play against anyone, yet people choose words they cant draw and then just spell them out. Or the word will be samba, and they will try to draw a person dancing and then write “DANCE” on the picture.

    I just never understand why people cheat in a game for fun… they have so little success in life that they are reduced to that?

  6. Seriously, stop just writing the word or writing some retarded clue like “rob a ______”, fucking losers. I’m sick of it. Is the concept of drawing a picture really that difficult to understand????

  7. I want to play but can’t get it on my bastarding phone *stamps feet*

  8. “White Dude” is a word in Draw Something, Walter? Huh. I guess I haven’t seen that one yet.

  9. I get about half of this post. As I have no problems with my Commodore 64.

  10. Who the FUCK plays shitty draw something when they could be playing iSketch?

  11. “Mid Twentieth Century” Really?

  12. I can’t say anything…I have like 8 games open and have been playing for a couple hours…I’m a fuckin’ boss at that game…maybe I’m exaggerating, but some of my drawings are damn good for a touchscreen…just got done drawing a koopa guy 😀

  13. You most definitely are exaggerating, Capn. The worst part about DrawSomething is that everyone thinks they are Michaelangelo when they draw like an epileptic 3 year old during a grand mal seizure.

    Your picture of “raquetball” looks like an alien abduction scene, and would it kill you to use another color?!

  14. they have RACQUETBALL?!?!?! My tennis was so cocked up they passed, I couldn’t imagine..Admittedly I only draw about four of the words really good, the rest probably ARE a BIT sketchy! Imagine what I drew when “facial” came up! 😛

  15. Please note that the grainy image of my penis on Chat Roulette is not down to poor lighting but is the result of an unfortunate accident involving methylated spirits and a five week dead sheep.

  16. You guys’ friends must all suck.

    Only one of mine gives stupid word clues, and I just skip those when she sends them. Maybe she’ll catch on…

    The rest actually draw the pics. So I think it’s a pretty fun game.

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