Tuesday, April 24, 2012

New Experiences

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  2. Being gay and all, I agree…

  3. Fake white trash.

  4. biooooooooooooootch Neville LongBOTTOM can handle that. Every
    entrance is also an invitation for another wand.

  5. Steeeeever was corn fed as a boy, by his fathers ass

  6. “You have a reputaion for being straightforward and honest… in bed.”
    “Your dearest wish will come true… in bed.”
    “People who expect nothing will never be disappointed… in bed.”
    Oh my god, this makes fortune cookies 10x more interesting.

  7. ^ We play that you MUST say it out loud too.

  8. I’m going to play that game for every future fortune!

  9. You dumb mf’ers have never heard the “in bed” addition to fortune cookies before? Wow, I must be surrounded by 8 year olds.

  10. YEAH!
    ‘cos only 9 year olds and up have heard of that shit. and being young is NOT COOL.
    you dumb bums!

  11. I had one that said, “You will help a child in need.” I didn’t know what to think of that one, really…

  12. I have done that to fortune cookies for eons. In bed.

  13. I always do this. The funniest/most disturbing one I’ve had was “You will become closer to a family member”

  14. Lol @ #12

  15. We always said “between the sheets”

  16. I still remember “You will meet many strange and interesting people.”

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