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  1. I have been looking for narnia for ages

  2. 2# Is like the script for some shitty 80’s Chuck Norris/Van Damme vehicle. Also, is he taking personal credit for Nagaskai? What a bighead!

  3. *Nagasaki (learn to type smimp you fucking moron)

  4. Fake white trash.

  5. He did spell it the right way…did you read it correctly?

    And the Jap took credit for fucking his mom, he just owned the guy.


  6. He was referring to his own previous post.

  7. Bwahaha I laughed at all but the last one.

  8. The Japanese one is legendary.

  9. Wow – using an actual event, that was actually pretty cowardly, that killed thousands of innocent Japanese against a hypothetical comment used as banter. Yeah, nice win America. Why don’t you drown some kittens in the canal while your at it.

  10. Jesus christ “goodgodno” are you kidding? Obviously you don’t know much about the bombings, because if you did you wouldn’t refers to them as a cowardly event, and you would realize if we had chosen one of the alternatives, i.e an invasion on japan, it would have resulted in the deaths of an estimated 1 million allied forces. Additionally, you would realize that it ended up being our only option. And the Japanese weren’t innocent, and if you knew what they did to our soldiers in POW camps, you’d realize the actuality of the situation. Oops. Sucks to suck, sorry bout it.

  11. wilson, you make some very valid points. clearly, bombing a city full of civilians who never got a chance to avoid the death from the sky was a very courageous act. the act of a warrior!
    and totally dude, yep, dropping atomic bombs was “our only option”.
    you don’t have to apologise for sucking. most people do around here.

  12. Obviously it was our only option, SLG; you weren’t alive yet, so we couldn’t send the toughest tough guy in the history of the internet over to just break the Japanese over his knees and make them submit to our evil will.

    If you’re at war with someone, and your choices are wipe them off the map with plenty of warning about what’s waiting for them if they refuse to capitulate, or send millions of your own soldiers to die because seventy years in the future some whiny self-loathing babies would have preferred that your enemy had “a fair chance,” the choice is pretty goddamn clear.

  13. but i was alive onion! i am 568 years old and what you don’t realise is that those nuclear weapons were simply my turds that i sold to the american government to drop on those terrible non-combatants. and you’re so right, i could have gone in and broken all those japs over my knee. that’s what they needed, a good over the knee breaking session.
    thank you for your lesson in war. war is something i need to know a lot about. war is great. thanks buddy, for knowing so much about war and passing it on. i’m grateful. i’d pretty much never heard of it, or american self-justification rants about using weapons of mass destruction on innocent people.

  14. I have to agree with goodgodno. Hes lucky the japanese guy didnt kill him there.

  15. I have to agree with SLG. I myself stomp on anthills, just to put them in their place. Lousy workaholics!

  16. butterscotchcandy

    It’s Wikipedia.org, not .com. What an idiot.

    Travis is an asshole.

  17. Yeah. But the bomb happened. Cowardly ? What’d you expect, a tournament of horse shoes, or a round of badminton?

  18. Travis’ post is a great reminder as to why the rest of the world dislike Americans.

  19. The fuck ? Is this real life, one of my comments is “awaiting moderation “

  20. I’d personally love to find Narnia in my closet. That Prince Caspian is totally lickable.

    Also, boobs.

  21. WW2 sucked. Pearl Harbor sucked. Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia sucked. I think Japan gave up after Hiroshima, but communication sucked.

    The past is the past, we’re all fun happy friends now, usually. I love them Japanese, their food and technology is awesome.

  22. Careful with the links, Flames. Your comment will never see the light of day. Sorry, Dude.

    By the way, how the hell have you been lately?

  23. I didn’t want to fuel a debate about whether it was the right thing or not. My granddad fought the Japanese in the Burmese jungle, he doesn’t hold a grudge and neither do I. Like Mario said, it’s all in the past and that’s what I was trying to get at. The jap guy could have come back with a Pearl Harbour comment, same thing, tactically genius by the Japanese but still highly emotionally charged for Americans. Not to be used as a comeback when you’re so unimaginative and can’t think of anything else.

  24. America, fuck no!

  25. Fuck Yeah, Haters. It was almost 70 years ago get the fuck over it.

  26. Wilson3, you do realize that there was a civilian Japanese campaign that held rallies against the war, even when they knew they could possibly face punishment? And since when do civilians walk in and out of concentration camps so they can torture American soldiers?

    Let’s be clear: the Japanese military were brain-washed to believe Americans are evil. Even still, not all Japanese military officers believed in the war.

    To make a generalized statement about Japanese people is pretty ignorant.

  27. Travis is a cunt, and I love it when people get all serious on this fucking site.

    T1000…dude…you broke character (#14).

  28. We should all learn to stop worrying and love the bomb

    Anything else is Sellers out. I mean, selling out.

    Wilson3, it’s you that don’t know fuck all about shit y’get me?

    How you guna act?

  29. Travis is legendary. Japanese people deserve to be punished after they gave the world “anime” and blurred out the naughty bits on their porn.

  30. Repeat after me, fuckers: “Shock and awe campaign”.

    Yeah, it was cowardly. Yeah, it was necessary. Yeah, it curtailed the war by a good few years. No, the locations were not particularly strategic. Yeah, a fuckload of innocents died. Yeah, it would have been preferable to kill soldiers only… Like all wars. Doesn’t happen.

    Yesterday was ANZAC Day, so I might be a little pissed off with the futility of war, but grateful to our veterans. Because, you know, trade routes and the assassination of Austrian royalty and stuff.

  31. ‘mateship’, apparently, means ‘do as you are fucking told, you mindless plebian.

    If a chap with a british accent tells you to die for no good reason – you will fucking die.’


  32. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    Winning is all that matters.

  33. British already got their asses whupped by Americans, if you want round two, you can have London become Londonshima if you want.

    Do not piss America off, we fuck you up.

  34. ^By “fuck you up”, do you mean “start wars you can’t finish and running away”. And “come in at the end of a war we were too scared to enter, even though it was a legitimate cause when it’s just about over – whilst allowing the majority of our own battleships to be completely decimated by a race we consider inferior”?

  35. crusty, yes, that’s exactly what I got out of #32.

    I find it hilarious when U.S. “patriots” are so proud of their warfare history and present their retarded/ignorant opinions about the “might” of their nation, further proving that the U.S.’s health care and educational programs have been severely depleted by the military defense strategies they laud so highly.

  36. asking an american to shut up about how proud and glorious their military is, and how they could rule the world and shit, is about the most futile thing in the world crusty!
    *rolls eyes*

  37. God, foreigners suck.

  38. Is that really your only response, Whateverbuddy?
    Way to strengthen my argument, mate. As for God, he’s all yours.

  39. Wow. You know, most of us Americans are actually pretty cool. Don’t let the few crazies get under your skin.

  40. America > Every other country.

    We have never lost a war. You have.

    Now bow down like the rest of the world.

  41. Funnydude, you must be joking.

    Then the hasty evacuation in Saigon was what? A draw? How could the communist still rule Vietnam if the Americans haven’t lost the war against them?

    And what was that little thing with North Korea? How that didn’t end with a victory over the Reds with the mighty USA on the other side?

    Who has beaten the shit repeatedly out of the US army during the war of 1812… wasn’t that Canada (as part of the British Empire)???

    What do you think US troops are still doing in Afghanistan?
    I narrow it down for you: they are not on vacation.

    It’s remarkable how little you know about your own country.

    Must be weird for you, being a living stereotype.

  42. Also, it’s so funny:
    The USA can afford to keep the world’s most expensive armed force yet unable to maintain a decent healthcare. That crap they run makes NHS look good.

    And even though the pump unbelievable amount of money into their war machine they aren’t able to defeat illiterate religious fanatics who fight with 40 year-old equipment.

    Really nice mate, talk about wasting time, money, and life.

  43. ^ over-react, much?

  44. That was not an over-reaction. That was a schooling.

    And beatus, I heart many Americans. My beef is with the militant “patriots” who are ignorant of their own nation’s history and yet have a misplaced superiority complex.
    Why? Because they’re told to. No questions asked.

  45. Have your country attack us and see what happens kid.

  46. YEAH! see what happens, KIDDO! we’ve got lots of guns mate! YEAH! you organise for your country to attack america and see what happens!! oh it’ll be a bloodbath! we’d totally shoot you! that shit is so cool!
    you may mock america, guys, but i bet you all feel much safer knowing ALL those WMDs they found are now in safe hands, in the hands of people that would never use them on unarmed civilians…right? (i mean apart from nagasaki and hiroshima those little nips totally had it coming!)
    not let’s attack iran!! YEAH boy more war woohoo!

  47. I’ll tell you what would happen:

    The peace mongers on the West Coast would try to talk to everyone and convince them to be nice, which would utterly fail. The rednecks would run into the ambush, guns ablaze, run out of ammo and get shot. The East Coast people would just try to ignore the problem and carry out their daily lives as is nothing was different, which would end up being their downfall. The Hollywood Elite would make a movie, and die. The Southerners would all pray and ask God to forgive the sinners, and their churches would be destroyed along with them.

    And then, the “enemy” would see Las Vegas, and begin to frolic in the beautiful oasis of sin and pleasure, with naked women dancing for them and promise of lots of money. They’d begin to play, and enjoy themselves, and spend all their money. Of course, we may have to bring some of the extremely hot girls from Miami, but why not? Everyone would get along just fine here, and no war would be necessary anymore, so it would stop.

    Of course, we’d have to put a hit out on a few people, but that can be arranged…

  48. ^proof that not all sepos are right wing military loving dickheads

  49. Travis FTW

  50. ^ proof that some sepos are right wing military loving dickheads

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