Friday, November 19, 2010

A Few FTWs

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  1. what? first comment? …gosh, there are just so many people to thank…

  2. I don’t think RandomApostropheChris is entirely clear on the meaning of the word “prohibition”.

  3. Right manybells…I think he meant a “revolt”. Otherwise, if the FDA bans this I will STOP drinking! How do you like me now, FDA?

  4. Michael’s was supposed to be funny? What a loser.

    Fucking A Man.

  5. And whiskey, thank YOU for being first. If I see “STEVER!” first one more time I am going to punch a baby. Who the hell calls himself “Stever” anyway? Sounds like a propeller head with a hygiene deficiency and bad case of carpal tunnel from chronic masturbation.

  6. I consider Erin’s statement a reason to FRIEND him/her.
    Also I don’t think the FDA is banning ‘mixed drinks.’

  7. I have renamed my penis “Stever.” And whenever I *accidentally* finish a bit sooner than my wife wants me to, I invoke the Stever Clause. “Sorry babe, but you know Stever always comes first.”

    Haha, just kidding. I’m married. I don’t have sex.

  8. Who here uses “unfriend?” I like “defriend.” Opinions?

    I want to make my own list of reasons, but then not defriend them and see if they take the initiate. “I feel bad for raping you.” “You don’t feel bad for raping me.” “Your pee tastes funny.” “Because I really fucking hate you and this is the only way I can express that.” “Shit-stained bra.”

    If the FDA ever bans roofies I will start a statutory!

    I’m glad Dalton didn’t refer to “The Human Centipede.” Shit-eating scene aside, it wasn’t all that enjoyable.

  9. I prefer ‘defriend’ as well.

    I don’t know, I kind of like Michael’s except that the people he defriended wouldn’t even be able to see the list unless he posts it first, waits for a bit, then deletes them.

    (Slaps self for giving this so much thought.)

  10. HellaBex, I was wondering the same thing. Maybe he tagged them.

    (R.T. wasn’t going to run for weed?)

  11. I’ve unfriended people for less than Michael.

    Unfriend is the “official” word to use when referring to the act of removing losers from your Facebook friend list. All the cool kids say it.

    A bit of trivia: New Oxford American Dictionary named “Unfriend” as its word of the year in 2009.

  12. For The Fucking Fail….what the fuck. When did win come to mean fail?

  13. So did lamebook give away Greg’s full name in Jame’s reasoning?

  14. WHo is Greg Hernandez and what is is career? And why is it bad to perpetuate it? I would really like to know now that is qualifies you for defreinding.

  15. Yeah Michael, I’d say Jan didn’t call for a reason.

  16. Wonder how many signatures Chris will get on his “prohibition’?

  17. Oh no! They are banning a drink I could easily make myself for a cheaper price! this calls for prohibition! Time to ban all alcohol…wait what?

    and yes mad, they are actually banning the drink in many states.

    @valid dicktorian
    Hey isn’t that you uber-username-man..where’d you run off too…? I heard that you started sucking large cocks on a regular basis?

  18. yep, they’ve banned 4 lokos and joose here in Cali, not that i care cause i think they’re gross. but people who die from drinking them, well, i’ll just say i don’t think the world is missing anything.

    michael’s a twat… do you really need to give a list of stupid-ass reasons for unfriending people? just unfriend them, if it’s that important to you that the person know why, send them a message. you’re not funny michael, you’re an ass.

  19. dey shld ban fat frogs & purple haze coz i be fucked wit dem

  20. Who the hell wants to put that evil poison in your system?? It is addictive, hinders the adsorption of almost all vitamins and minerals in your body, causes premature aging, is bad for the liver….and alcohol is not that great for you either.

  21. It’s really not a big deal, there is a simple solution.
    Step 1: purchase a large amount of your favorite strong alcoholic beverage
    Step 2:purchase a large amount of energy drinks
    Step 3:mix
    Step 4:drink
    Step 5: die of alcohol poisoning.

    Now those who are too stupid to realize they are dying of alcohol poisoning can continue to do so in peace.

  22. I think R.T. refers to R.T. Rybak, the mayor of Minneapolis. He made a run for governor and lost in the early stages of the DFL (local Democratic party) nominee selection process.

  23. Matt****

    *cue CSI Miami theme*

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