Thursday, November 18, 2010

The South Rose Again

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  1. LOL love how they try to defend themselves by saying tey aren’t racist and thats its “heritage” (pff), then the last guy gives a fankly insane homophobic, racist insult!

  2. Whoa. I’ve lived in southwestern Missouri (the Ozarks) my entire life, and I thankfully have all of my teeth, am not a fan of nascar, I do not live in a trailer, nor do I own a rebel flag, BUT I do hunt, fish and say “ya’ll”. Now if that makes me some backwoods redneck, then so be it. I would rather be considered a good time lovin’ redneck, than feel the need to put everyone else down to make myself feel better.

  3. I don’t prejudice against anyone, except the gay Chinese community…but then, that’s a given

  4. I was born and raised in Louisiana, that’s as south as it gets 🙂 But I would never wear a rebel flag or display it (not that I would want to anyway), because I know it means something full of hate to a lot of people. So for a whole family to jump down his throat over something he’s offended by is ridiculous. Just goes to prove they really are racists. They give southerners a bad name.

  5. vaginalroundhouse

    For Joshua, wow you have two degrees. This means you cannot hack it in the real world. Stay in college your comfort zone cause that real world will tear you apart.

    As for the hicks, it’s not a surprise. Their heritage is all inbred so there isn’t much to branch out to. The family tree closely resembles the Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

    San Dimas High School Football Rules!!!

  6. heartofgold……that’s great!! There should be more people like you!! I would never laugh at or make fun of a kind hearted, fun hillbilly.

    I will make fun of my toothless, obese, and badly aged neighbor who was worried my boyfriend and I were swingers. I will be disgusted by her proud display of the Confederate flag. And I will be offended by her frequent use of the N word.

    Don’t they know?? The North won.

  7. hahahahaa

    docterin in Masterbation

    and he misspelled turd. Awesomeness.

    Man, do I feel better about myself.

  8. The last time i wrapped a baby in a flag was when i buried my 8th son at sea.

    It was actually a carrier bag…and a lake…ok a pond….look, I left it in a muddy piss filled puddle outside a hospital alright!?

  9. sexclamationpoint56

    wtf is wrong with these redneck douches constantly pretending that they proud of their heritage but they are “not” racist. how stupid can u b? if ur celebrating ur heritage and the people who started that heritage were a bunch of racist pricks then how is that not racist?

  10. With that argument, sexclam, anyone who celebrates heritage as an American is racist. I bet you could find some contemporaneous accounts that all the founding fathers were racist pricks. (Except Ben Franklin. He rules.)

  11. I’m sad to see that little Rebel’s face isn’t blurred out.

  12. What I find hilarious about this whole post is:

    1.) I have two degrees also. I’ll be a CPA soon (which is harder to obtain than a doctorate in my opinion). Joshua can kiss my ass.

    2.) I was born and raised and still live in Texas. I’m not sure I like you Mad, but I’m all for secession and states’ rights.

    3.) I do own a Rebel flag. I also own a Texas flag. They both mean the same thing to me: pride, NOT RACISM. Pride in the South and pride in Texas. I don’t go sporting the Rebel flag or my degrees in front of those I figure would get offended. I see it as a way to honor those who believed so deeply in their rights and those of their individual states that they fought their own families and died for what they believed in (slavery was not the only or even the first issue that led to the Civil War).

    4.) I also say “ya’ll”; that’s the way we write it so deal with it.

    5.) The pride I spoke of in #3 does not mean I’m proud of the people in the above post. See #6.

    6.) I think all of the commentors on the above post need a reality check and a swift kick…

    7.) Is Missouri in the South? Let me get my atlas :).

    That is all.

  13. As much as it goes against my morals, I feel like I should stick up for Missouri here. It really is an entirely different place depending on what part of MO you are in. I’ve lived in the KC area my entire life, mind you the Kansas side, and until I went to college I had never met any “rednecks” from Kansas or Missouri. There are disappointing parts of every state, and just because it happens to be most of Missouri, that doesn’t mean the ENTIRE state needs to have that reputation. BTW: I’ve lived in KS all my life, and speak perfectly twang-free thank you very much.

  14. sexclamationpoint56

    true everyone was rasict back then, im just saying the rebel flag does seemingly represent the continuation of slavery in the south no matter what else it represents imo. cuz that was a big part of what they were fighting for. i am from louisiana but i personally just dont think that’s something u wanna represent. people just wanted free labor so they could make more money and the govt was changing the laws and the southern states didn’t want that becuz they’d make less money so it seemed to me that was the main reason they would fight. idk im just sayin my 2 cents

  15. @42 I liked your story telling little blurb there at the end. I don’t know why, I just had kinda wished there was more. I think I’m in a story mood.

  16. PS For everyone asking if Missouri is in the South, they’re qualifying it as a southern state even though it’s more middle America because of the stance they took in the Civil war. So check your maps and when you’re done with that feel free to check a history book.

  17. The Confederate flag is racist because I say it is!

    We should also refer to all Buddhists and Hindus who use the Swastika as anti-Semites because some crazy racist German decided to, also!

    These people live in Missouri, so they must be totally racist!

  18. I love this one. Right when you see the profile pic you know it’s going to be good. What a bunch of ignorant bastards. You can almost smell the smoke when Kara’s trying to figure out if Joshua is being ironic or not. And when the family jumps in it gets even better. On the other hand, I really can’t stand it when people start bragging about their education level. I can’t really pick a side here.

    I slogged through all the comments because I fully expected Kara and perhaps the rest of her branchless family tree to show up and try to defend themselves. Sadly, that has not happened… but I will have to check back in a few days.

    I do really feel sorry for the kid. With a name like that, he hasn’t got a chance.

  19. Just saying, last time I was in the great state of Missouri (at the lake of the Ozarks) I was talking to a good number of people who were shocked and disgusted that I attended school with mexicans in back home in CA…I didn’t have the heart to tell them about the black kids at my school.

  20. I live in the South, born and raised. But there is a difference between having been born in the south, being a southerner, and being a redneck. A redneck is an extreme case of southern stupidity.

    These people seem to be southerners. The ignorance and abundance of rebel flags and no respect for what kind of shit this child will have to go through growing up can attest to that.

    Also, I’m willing to bet money that a relative is the father.

  21. @blondebimbo
    The Ozarks are also where people say “warter” and “warsh”. This does not represent Missouri as a whole. (Which, as far as I can tell, only a fraction of Missouri also calls it “Missoura”.)

    I just find it funny that people here are condemning an entire state for what a small fraction of the population believes! I know somebody from one country that steals, does that mean everybody that is from that country steals? I know somebody in Missouri that is racist, does that mean everybody in Missouri is racist? I bet, pretty highly, that there are racists in every state. And I’m going to start judging each state by those racists.

  22. @blondebimbo (wow your name really does say alot, not something to be proud of) I don’t know how often you’ve been to Missouri, but we have plenty of Mexicans and “black people” here, and I highly doubt that anyone was “shocked and disgusted” that you went to school with Mexicans. That is just dumb. Just please, PLEASE stay in CA, we sure as hell don’t need anymore bimbos or your opinion…

  23. As a woman who has borne a China man’s son, getting plowed by that there them China man is a whole lot of fun y’all!

    No but seriously, my husband is fantastic in bed and my son is adorable. And I’m from Coastal Georgia.

    And Hobo is still John Cleese. And why do the Brits hate the Welsh?

  24. two degrees and a doctorate? What an elitist prick. He can take those degrees and shove them up his ass because he’s still an insolent, prejudiced know-nothing. Education doesn’t do anything for a person if their character is shit to begin with.
    This post shows these “rednecks” responding to an unprovoked insult and defending their family and their lifestyle. I find that’s something to respect them for.

  25. I’ve read this post over and over and still can’t find any references to racism other than by Josh. The rebel flag doesn’t stand for racism… Like Justin said, “heritage not hate”. The flag is about a lifestyle that’s scorned by most Americans now, because they think it’s all about the Jim Crow laws. Brush up on your history…

  26. @latte – “warter” and “warsh” are also typical pronunciations in the so-called “Maryland” or, more specifically, “Hampden” accents. I’m so glad I’m from the inner city of Baltimore (which is more…umm let’s just say “ghetto” but it beats white trash imo) and not any surrounding county, because I can’t STAND the accent myself. :/

    And @Maggie, I’ve also wondered for YEARS why British people hate the Welsh so much.

  27. @Paranoid Android – Wow, you’re a d**k. But even worse than you are those 2 idiots @Maggie and @Shelley who think Wales and Britain are different countries!! Wales is IN Britain, so I don’t think you mean the Brits hate the Welsh, but the English. Technically the Welsh are British. Besides, that’s not entirely true. I’m Welsh, temporarily living in England. As far as I know nobody hates me because I am Welsh. Most English people I speak to don’t even realise there’s a whole ‘the English hate the Welsh’ thing. I think it’s 1. an old rivalry thing, and 2. some stuck-up, ignorant English people who think they’re better than everyone else.

  28. @lolatyou I’m English, and I don’t hate the Welsh – I just mock you for shagging sheep. To the other ignorant idiots on here, England and Wales are two different countries. We English only hate the French, and we mock every other country and stand back and yell “BRING IT ON!!”. Seriously. I was born in CT, and when someone started calling Americans fat, I (agreeing with him but needing to defend myself none the less) began mocking him for being Scottish, watched as he stood back and yelled “BRING IT ON!”. And back to the points of this picture, what kind of inbred racist retard names their baby Rebel, then takes pictures of him/her with Conferderate flags, and defends this decision? Even over here, while mocking the world, stop at the point where it starts getting racist. These people are stuck in the past with something that happened hundreds of years ago and are incapable of constructing a setence, let alone having correct grammar, and don’t seem to understand how to not offend people.

  29. Note to self: never go to The South. Pity about the few decent people there.

  30. Love how some (especially basswave64) are saying they can’t see any racism in this family even after Justin’s “takes it in the ass by a china man” comment. Justin shows his homophobia and racism in as few words as I’ve seen. Did I say “homophobia and racism”? I meant “heritage.”

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