Thursday, November 18, 2010


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  1. STEVER!

  2. Actually Mary, those are just mobile units.

  3. Get bent ya fucking copier…………
    STEEEEEEEEEEEEVER FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    But not this guy ^

  4. It’s funny to watch people text in class. They think they are being all discreet, but it’s so obvious. The more they try and hide it, the more obvious they look.

    *I am just going to look down at my crotch and hold my hands together for a little awhile. In prayer? yeah, prayer.*

  5. yeah…. my friends blatantly take out their phones… but never get caught.. but the ones that try to be secretive about it always do.

  6. As long as students aren’t making noise I don’t see why they shouldn’t be allowed to text. Just fail them, then give them jobs working, for example, in the acid mines for minimum wage.
    And if they can do all the work while texting and ignoring your stupid lecture, so much the better.

  7. slicingupeyeballs

    I’m looking down at my crotch and smiling now…

  8. Some of my students sext me during class, but I’m very aware of my many responsibilities to my students so I almost never respond until the class period is over.

  9. Dear Michael,

    Something about your letter confuses me.

    Yours truly, why are you putting some of your message right at the end, instead of your name. That makes no fucking sense.

  10. oh dang, patrick. there’s the “oh snap” i’ve been searching for.

    daniel, nobody believes you.

    and mary, you should try it out. it’s a great idea isn’t it?

  11. Braden set himself up for that and walked right into it.
    @Daniel Cool story, bro.
    Mary Mary, quite contrary..

  12. Hey Walter … congratulations on the teaching job! Last I heard you were a security guard across from a parking garage. We are all very happy for you here in rehab.

  13. *ahem* umm, the security job was um, a night job. You know, we teachers need some extra income. Because we only work until 2:30, 8 months a year, and then need to be able to pay for our 3 month long holidays going around the world. Hmm. Yeah. Thanks for noticing though. Yeah, thanks a lot.

  14. My son’s name is Braden. His best friend’s name is Patrick. I just rushed and checked his facebook.

  15. LOL @ jbek

  16. And so I guess there are two kinds of men, those who sleep with sluts, and the rest of us, who all sleep with Braden’s mother.

  17. It’s fun to see how many other people copy these lamebook statuses on facebook and claim it as their own lol. Search Mary’s haha.

  18. I look down at my chest and smile. So why wouldn’t guys look down at their crotch and smile?

  19. @jbekmom:

    Was it them?

  20. @ Stretch

    No. But he thought it was funny. Then he was nice and told me I am not a slut.

  21. I don’t think I could tell my mom a slut if she was a slut. Some things you just can say to your mom. And I’ve fucked her! Not that I’m saying anything against you, jbekmom.

    It’s odd that Michael said, “Dear Students, THEY know when you’re texting.”

    So he’s not a teacher, but he’s not a student. And he gives a shit? I don’t. I think texting kids should be around acid mines.

    Every time I see Mary I think she’d make no money as a prostitute because she’s that fucking irritating.

  22. vaginalroundhouse

    I’m looking at my crotch and thinking ‘how did that get in there?’

  23. There are two types of women, Victims and……

    There is one type of woman.

  24. No, #23, there’s also the type that tells you to shut the fuck up.

  25. No, #24, that’s still the same type of woman, only at a slightly earlier stage.

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