Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wins All Around

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  1. I feel like maybe I am starting to lose brain cells because I laughed at Matt’s comment.

    Or I just started drinking a lot earlier.

  2. When “Snakes on a Plane” is on t.v, it has my favorite edited version of a movie line of all time: I’m tired of these monkey-fighting snakes on this Monday-to-Friday plane!!!

  3. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    I laughed at the snakes on a plane one, just because it wasn’t the same two idiots commenting over and over like the pun ones.

  4. I laughed at Matt’s comment too. I wasn’t expecting it.

  5. @ Dukey, I was happy to see it wasn’t the same person making the same comments.

    Matt is hilarious and that Kellie chick is pretty much giving everyone her login info!!

  6. Cherry Cola.
    That password is only able to access lecture slides and possibly results I would reckon, we have the same type of system.

  7. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    The only way that password could be better is if it were a 4 or maybe 69 in place of 7.

  8. Comments, is it really edited to say that? That is freaking hilarious! Movies and TV series don’t get edited at all over here. Everything stays in. I love Australia.

  9. the FCC in america requires that r-rated movies are edited for language or explicit images when shown on network/cable television before 10 pm

  10. (yes, we americans are a bunch of politically correct, over-reactant wannies…)

  11. Wordy,

    The best part is that it’s not just a dub – some movies have two different versions filmed, one with t.v.-friendly dialogue. This is one of them. Samuel L. Jackson actually says monkey-fighting and Monday-to-Friday.

  12. Why dont they just show it after 10 instead of going to all that extra effort of another scene and editing?

  13. Conversley they are a lot stricter with violence in Australia. Especially video games, they had to do a ton of editing on left4dead.

  14. Big Lebowski:

    Do you see what happens larry? Do you see what happens when you find a stranger in the alps?

    Do you see what happens when you feed a squirrel scrambled eggs?

  15. I too had to give a surprised LOL at Matt. It sounds like a question he really wants answered.

    As for Jay’s, I’m always on board for a good Rickroll.

  16. Comments, I LOVE watching Snakes on A Plane on TV too because of that. It’s really the best way to watch the movie. And that is easily the best line in the movie. It makes the unintentionally hilarious movie even more hilarious.

  17. rawnuh, it’s edited even on cable? Bummer. Thank God that’s not the case here. I pay good money for cable, so I expect 24/7 access to sex and profanity. As for violent video games, I could care less.

    Comments, wow. SLJ must have felt like a right dick having to say that.

  18. word- indeed, their is a tiered cable system where many channels, such as comedy central or nickelodeon, that are very much still adhere to the FCC regulations placed on network television. other channels, like HBO or showtime, are still cable and/or satellite channels, but you just pay more for things like that. the true differences between cable and network television here lies in our first amendment “rights,” and how the owners of these companies (the stodgy 70 year old white male who typically leans towards the right) choose to exercise those rights, expressed through their programming. and it’s true, comments@large, that they do record alternate audio tracks, sometimes during the initial filming for the movie/show. however, my personal favorite is when they so obviously did NOT have the foresight to do an alternate track at the same time, and poor editing makes it obvious. often, the one or few words will be inserted over the original track and the actor’s pitch, inflection, etc., does not match up with the original 🙂

  19. @Word…we pay a ton for cable in the U.S., too. It sucks because there is nothing to watch at night except those damn paid programmings. I should stop being cheap and pay whatever the hell you’re paying for all this obscenity, dammit.

  20. rawnuh, speaking of poor dubbing; the old Japanese ninja/samurai etc. English-dubbed movies take the prize in that department. But the shit dubbing actually makes for huge laughs.

    Overall, though, I despise dubbed-over movies. It ruins them. Give me subtitles any day. I know a lot of people hate having to read subtitles – especially men. Lazy bastards.

    Cherry, you should. Our pathetic free-to-air TV leaves me (and many others) no choice but to pay for cable.

  21. Watch ‘Team America’ with the subtitles on… hilarious.

    ‘I’m so ronery’

  22. America, Fuck Yea!

  23. Give me the keys, you fuzzy sock-sucker !

  24. How come only 4 ppl like Tom & Barney’s suggestions?

  25. also, jay is too young to know who rick astley is.

  26. You’re never too young to know who Rick Astley is!

  27. @CommentsAtLarge

    I thought you were being sarcastic until I saw it on Youtube right now, even Australian TV didn’t edit that and at this very moment I am in tears with laughter.

  28. …God damnit.

  29. I like subtitles too; the overdubbing always sucks balls

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