Monday, October 26, 2009

“Hello Lamebook”


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  1. Misspelt is not actually a misspelling.

  2. I think sat night is the dark time before sunday, actually. So that makes Bec a dumb bitch too.

  3. @Saturday…Saturday night comes both after Saturday day and Sunday…so, no, Bec didn’t turn out to be a dumb bitch. You, on the other hand…

  4. sorry forgot to add *before* (Sunday) 🙂

  5. It really bothers me when people say “misspelt” it’s MISSPELLED. Spelt is a hardy wheat grown for livestock feed .


    You can spell it MISSPELT or MISSPELLED. Depends if you are American or British.

    Check your facts before you rant for fucks sake! is just one of MANY reliable dictionaries that will list both spellings.

    Counting to 10 now…

  7. @flips I think you’re supposed to count to 10 first….

  8. The average age of you all must be 13-25. It sure as hell sounds like it. GROW UP or get a life !

  9. Misspelled MISSPELT you little shit.

  10. @109

    hey, you can spell “misspelt” either way. it’s in the dictionary.

    just sayin’

  11. Dood yall are spellin rong itz MISSPELT duh


  13. Bec’s not a bitch, haha. I’d react in the quite the same way if some absolute “retart” was posting that rubbish on one of my statuses.

  14. ‘Misspelled’ is American. As is ‘learned’.

    In England, we say ‘misspelt’ and ‘learnt’. Unless we’re saying “learn-ned” of course 😉

  15. Though, I’m certain one of you said it with a hint of sarcasm, saying “Saturday day” isn’t redundant, but not completely incorrect if you mean “time of daylight” when you say “day.” Affixing morning or afternoon sounds better than “Saturday day”, but she felt compelled to say day because it is the opposite of night.

    With that being said, it’s nothing like ATM Machine, I don’t know how any of you know she’s British (Unless she’s a regular around here), I wish we DID adopt the metric system, and correcting grammar/spelling/punctuation over the internets is lame. The purpose of language is to communicate. If you say “wats sat night,” you’re asking a specific question and you got a specific answer; Bec told you exactly what Saturday night is. On the other hand, considering the context, you knew exactly what the hell she meant when she said “retart.”

    Lastly, I can excuse not knowing how to say a word, but how do you switch defensive to affensive? It’s like you’re trying to be a retart…

  16. John Players Standard

    Oh Noes Not Lamebook! They only censor out your face and last names so you still remain anonymous. Shouldn’t have been accepted based from the lame lamebook reference.

  17. I would like Bec (who I’m assuming is female) to be my wife.

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