Monday, December 28, 2009

Lame Lovers



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  1. @24 … he proposed on the 2 year anniversary.

  2. beautifuldisasterxo

    hahaha wtf, i have trouble remember the years let alone the exact time period.. clearly these two don’t have much of a life

  3. Antartic Circle FTW. I’m laughing so damn hard.

  4. I think…I just sicked a little.

  5. gavomit

  6. The most retarded attempt at romance I’ve ever seen.

  7. girlfriendisbetter

    These are some pretty harsh remarks coming from people who don’t even know them. At least they’re happy…more than I can say for a lot of people in this world today.

  8. girlfriendisbetter

    Honestly, these comments are sick.

  9. …….anyone notice that the sickeningly sweet nicknames are frm Monsters Inc? Yeah. Monsters fuckin’ Inc.

  10. @Bunny
    Hell yeah, I noticed that, too. They are excused from being mushy dolts because it’s MONSTERS FUCKIN’ INC. They have gained Pixar nerd respect from me.

  11. apparantly the easiest way to get vaginaplasty is just to post innane comments on facebook

  12. Permission to shoot them.

  13. oh man, i just got puke on my computer!

  14. wtf. they totally stole those names from Monsters Inc. & actually decimal point anniversaries??? you’re kidding!

  15. I just puked all over my keyboard.

  16. Great. I think I’m diabetic after reading that.

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