Friday, February 4, 2011

Hammered Alone

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  1. Ben.

    In your face Stever.

  2. I’d hardly call this one lame. I mean really, don’t MOST of us have to drink to the point of passing out to put up with visits from the relatives?

  3. This sucks.

  4. with a hint from the title, i think the funny part about this post is supposed to be his reply when he briefly awoke from his drunken stupor. i have to say, this one made me smile. this would make a better story than a facebook post, but…i’ll take it.

  5. Hmm, a drinking post on friday night before superbowl weekend. I see what you did there, lamebook.

  6. Absolutely hilarious.
    I never thought I could laugh as much as when I watched Home Alone. How wrong I was.

  7. Does anyone look at Regresty? That site is funny.

  8. This isn’t funny, or amusing. I hate this post.
    Time to masturbate.

  9. Kal, If youre gonna whack it every time lamebook isn’t funny, you better get a big bottle of lube. And I sure as hell hope you don`t read the comments in here from some of these idiots, or your mini pecker is gonna fall right off.

  10. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    I’m fuckeing drunk or something but I loved this.

    “I made my family disappear ” Classic Shit! 😀

  11. Fakeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  12. Shegsy, when I was married I used to drink to the point of passing out to put up with “visits” from the husband. Same thing, right?

  13. Word, that bad huh?

  14. After the glory days of the marriage had passed, yes, saff.

  15. Sounds humongously stupid.

  16. I’m sorry word but that was funny as f**k! Are me and Dukey the only ones who laughed at this post?

  17. hootie the blowfish

    What the hell kind of question is “do you remember passing out last night?” Seriously, who asks that? He passed out, idiot, of course he doesn’t remember it.


  19. Alcohol abuse is neither big nor clever and must not, at any time, be used as a ‘humorous’ facebook status.
    Yeah we get it, you got trashed, did some ‘wacky’ or ‘zany’ shit and woke up with a traffic cone up your arse, fucking hilarious.

  20. Lol!, he was so wasted he thought he was home alon but he was talkin to that other boy at the same time as think that.

  21. I don’t know, Paranoid. I might think it was funny if you got a traffic cone stuck up your arse… Maybe I’m just mean, though.

  22. @21
    Based on his comment, he already did.

  23. You sound like my Mother

  24. can we please get a translator for georgev? (i pay in rupees)

  25. (ps why does lamebook/asmyjunk teleport me 2 hours into the future? it’s only 10:12 pm here. and MY time machine is in the shop, so…where are you, rawnuh?!?!)

  26. Stop hatin rawnuh. I ain’t Indian man.

    I think this website stopped putting up new ones. Last tine I was here there was new ones I have to find where I stopped looking before.

  27. huh????? whhaaaatt???

  28. Yes let us all laugh at the shenanigans we had last night when under the influence of alcohol. That never gets old, oh wait it does. It is all fun and games until you wake up with a bloody arse and that curiously invigorating smell of another mans seminal fluids wafting through the air. This has made me realize that I need new friends

  29. @ Steeeever, why use lube when the best masturbatory aide is the tears of small children? My favorite is around Christmas time when I tell them Santa isn’t real and that they crucified Jesus because little (insert kid’s name here), failed to clean their room. Nothing like a weekend with all natural lube and Precious to get the job done

  30. I’m not gonna wast my time talkin to a idiot (rawnah). Later.

  31. I once got pissed up and passed out, when I awoke my parents had gone…..

    To a better place… I’d apparently battered them both to death with a rolling pin and a baking tray in a drunken, alcohol inspired, savage attack.

  32. Imamofo, looks like you have an admirer trying to steal you’re groove my friend.

    Sad thing is I am pretty sure he just copy pasted one of you’re old posts about childrens tears.

  33. George, you may not be an indian….but you sure as hell sound like one…NEHI?

  34. Bucket I’d not noticed until you mentioned mate! Don’t think the childs’ tears one is mine to be honest, it’s a little old hat for me, but the semen flying through the air sounds like my cup of tea.
    He can’t be a real mofo, we all have to go to the same fisting school and rapist college, I’d recognise him.

    mofoincarnate Whose mother are you fucking? Where is carante how did you get in there?

  35. oh, the sheer hypocrisy of monolingual americans making fun of how indians speak their second language. danderfluff, georgev420 – you are the online equivalent of a man with one grossly deformed cancerous bollock making fun of an otherwise healthy individual with one testicle slightly larger than the other.

  36. vincent Ha Ha look at your slightly disproportionate gloop sacks, one of them is 0.8mm larger in circumference than the other! Ho Ho!….. Argh…ouch! I shouldn’t laugh so much, one of ’em will fall off if i’m not careful…. You wonky nad bagger.

  37. If Jason were my four year old niece, this would be so much more adorable.

  38. (aah, i wasn’t trying to insinuate that georgev was indian…i was kind of swilly and playing zelda…sheesh.)

  39. lol…I am not even American,nor do I have a pair of low hung gonads…I am from one of the countries in Africa…*rolls eyes*

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