Monday, April 23, 2012


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  1. And when you’re done with it, he’d also like his manhood back.

  2. Or I swear to god, glee and beiber I will call my mother and she’ll make you give it back. P.S. Laaaaave the new hair!!!

  3. These long drawn out frapes are usually more interesting to those who know them personally. As an outsider looking in, I prefer much shorter frapes. Say it all in 2 lines for maximum entertainment value.

  4. hi, i’m an embittered ex-lover logged into my ex-lover’s facebook account. i’m very mad and the only way i can express it is by writing from a constantly switching and confusing set of perspectives. am i currently talking about me through the voice of my ex? or perhaps i’ve now returned to talking about the ex through my own voice. you’ll never know, because i sure as hell don’t. also i have terrible grammar and sentence structure.

  5. no you’re not blah! you’re logged into lamebook man! can’t you tell??
    oh you were talking about the post. right.

  6. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Yeah that guy is not a whiny fag at all.

  7. He is fake.

  8. ^ I was just about to say that

  9. Has anyone else noticed that a high percentage of whores (both professional and recreational) are called Rachel?

  10. *you’re

  11. “Recreational whore”. Love it, frankenstein.
    And I think Rachel is actually Hebrew for “town bike”.

  12. Incorrect. Rachel is Hebrew for female sheep.

  13. ^ So Hebrews were a lot like New Zealanders?

  14. “forgave me 3 times for cheating” … well there’s your problem, right there, young fella me lad.

    You see, you have what we call in the medical profession, vaginitis. It’s where you turn into a giant fucking pussy.

  15. ^ couldn’t agree more.
    let someone do something like that to you once, and for sure, it’ll happen again.

  16. Oddly enough I also know a recreational whore named Rachel.

  17. christopherlovet

    Stop changing tense / point of view. I have a hell of a time following these long drawn out things as it is when I don’t give a shit. Constantly switching around the POV only makes it worse. If “she” is Rachel, then why blur out her first name anyway and make it even more confusing?

  18. T1000, please don’t take Capn’s approval on that other thread as general accolades. Your repetitive, inane shit makes my eyes bleed, and I believe that I’m not alone in this. Capn does so many drugs that he giggles at his own navel, so his idea of humour is not to be trusted. Believe me when I tell you that you are as unfunny as hepatitis.

    Do yourself a favour and create a new account. Then, if you’re up for it, contribute as a human being and attempt to be:
    (a) witty / funny
    (b) trollish
    (c) hate-filled
    (d) educated and verbose
    (e) a white or black supremacist
    (f) unique and interesting

  19. but if you think about it, bacchante, he’s managed to annoy you. doesn’t that make it at least a partially successful troll (‘b’ on your list)?

  20. Correct, also, I hate the chinese, which partially fulfills ‘e’

  21. That’s a good list Bacchante, an ‘e’ here would be fun, ‘d’ cracked me up.

  22. White people are trash.

  23. SLG, no, he’s really not successful. I have been absent a number of weeks and this morning have been attempting to catch up on what I ‘missed’.
    That much drivel all in one go is annoying, granted, but in little bite-sized pieces, would have been subpar troll behaviour.
    He’s no ytmutant; more a monosyllabic Steeeever with geek tendencies.

  24. slug no understand you.
    i have yet to find words small enough for slug to understand.

  25. Bacharlene , go back to where ever the fuck you disappeared to because you’re taking this shit seriously now. time to grow up and move on. if you need to control a commenters content, what kind of fucking world do you live in ? go save some cows from the slaughter.

  26. also, t1000 is pretty fucking funny.

  27. Bacchante, you are white trash.

  28. T1000, please note that Flames thinks you’re funny.

    I rest my case.

  29. Bacchante, you are fake white trash.

  30. At least he gave her some street cred, “you have lots of good qualities”…I wonder what they are?

  31. “fuck it. i know my real personality is shit and people will hate me. i’m too much of a pussy for that. i’ll pretend to be a poorly-executed robot.”

    where did we, as a species, go so horribly wrong?

  32. I believe the problem here is that everyone is taking themselves too seriously.
    Hahahahaha wait, no, that’s not it. It’s that Flames and T1000 are unfunny.
    Wait, that’s not it either. Because I could care less if they were funny. But they’re not even… I don’t know the word, “useful”? “Relevant?” “Interesting?”

  33. My god Bacchante, are you sure you have the right Capn? You mind pointing me in the right direction of this thread you speak of? I’m not generally willing to hand out my approval like Paris Hilton passing around her vagina. Maybe I’ve been sober for way too long, I’m kind of enjoying it…Are you sure it wasn’t that imposter cptn floating around here again?

  34. My bicuspid.

  35. Laila ; tell me how your day went ?

  36. I wonder what her good qualities would be. I’m guessing the sex was great. And that’s all he misses.

  37. He did it all for the nookie, so you can take that cookie and eat it.

    And I’m sure she was pretty hot and had a nice body.

    She reminds me of a girl I used to know. I’m glad I no longer know her.

  38. Fucking ashame. I am speaking to speak, I have nothing to say.

  39. I know everyone thought he was a pussy, but I got a kick out of this, even though it’s his own fault for forgiving a cheater. Still funny.

  40. My day was lovely, Flames, how was yours?

  41. Brilliant! The way he starts in first person, slips into second, like a well maintained Suburu, and ends it so effectively, in third. If only there was fourth and fifth person narrative! Say what you want about Rachel, that slattern, that strumpet, that beautiful launderette hath inspired genius.

    I need to lie down for a bit now.

  42. All you regular lamebooketeers are wanking cunts :-).

  43. Can’t believe you all took the time to read that fucking drivel.

    What’s a wanking cunt? Is it a cunt that has such huge flaps that they actually flap around in the wind, beating the clit into a piss-drenched frenzy that men will find attractive until they realise it’s just piss .

  44. ^A cunt that wanks…like duuuhhhhh, its like sooooo obvious *rolls eyes*

  45. What is a no tat roll?

  46. Like a roll thats against tats, you like so duuumb hahaha.

  47. notatroll, now you I like. Please continue.

  48. I tatted one of myrolls. New Times Roman. Size 18. Bold.

    It says:


    My otherrolls are still notatrolls.

  49. ^You sir, are dead to me.

    Ok maybe not, you see there is this ‘itch’ I cannot seem to get to, help a brother out and we good to go.

  50. It sounds to me like she may be bi-polar or have BPD.

    That doesn’t excuse what she did, but it might explain it. My armchair psychiatrist’s degree tells me she should seek some help.

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