Monday, April 23, 2012

TUBular Idea!

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  1. Is that a ball sack?

  2. No, it is fake.

  3. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    It does look like a ball sack though; fake or no.

  4. It looks like his head is underwater and he’s ‘snorkeling’ in the tub to me. I don’t know where you perverts are getting “ball sack” from… :/

  5. Yup, it’s a bald dude snorkeling in a bathtub. I guess some people have bright orange, snorkel-shaped penises?

  6. cassieeatscockroaches

    Why is his head so small? I thought it was a baby!

  7. Okay. I see the bald guy now. I’m glad I’m not the only person who saw a ball sack. I already have had enough awkward moments today.

  8. The guy’s head looks like a ball sack; if anyone should feel awkward about it, it’s him.

  9. Oh can we not just compromise?
    It’s a bald sack.
    there. =)

  10. That would be a freaking huge ballsack if it was. Look at the size of the bath… context people, context!

  11. Brandon. Dude. Expand your fucking horizons, yeah? If this is “just as much fun as you thought it would be”, you have serious and quite depressing issues.

  12. I feel sorry for the poor bitch he’s roped into taking the pictures.

  13. How do you know the lady who’s taking the picture isn’t sitting in the tub with him and going to benefit in some way. Maybe he isn’t referring to the tub snorkeling, in and of itself, being as much fun as he thought it would be.

  14. lol lets call it a ballsack. more funnier

  15. why do you people think that a bald man breathing through a tube in a tub of bubbles knows a living female?
    i think the person taking the pic is someone he just met on craigslist having a typical ‘first date’.

  16. I’m imaging it to be his long-suffering mother who is now realising that this is why you don’t drink when you’re pregnant.

  17. He saw, “pubic hair reef” and “tub ring …whatever”

  18. I hope his eyes burn after soaking them in dirty ballsack water and bubble bath!

  19. Also, after 19 comments ball sack has been mentioned 9 times and nobody’s been called a cunt, yet.

  20. because up until comment #19, no one had been acting like a cunt.

  21. Well, I’m glad I could fill that void for you Ms.

  22. Wait…what the fuck did I just say!? OH GOD NO! What I meant was, oh fuck, I don’t know WHAT I meant to say….awwwkward…

  23. So, he means. No fun at all. frankenstein, you get M.V.P. of this thread.

  24. Aw, thanks ref. It was a team effort, really.

  25. …..what. lol that’s one of the most awkward pics I’ve ever seen

  26. Just a shit picture in general. Doesn’t look rude – especially if that’s a normal sized tub. Unless he has fucking GIANT testicles. Doubtful.

  27. it’s not about the looking rude. it’s about the retard in the bubble bath acting like a kid. and the poor long-suffering companion holding the camera.

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