Wednesday, May 2, 2012


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  1. Gross. All of them.

  2. Fake. All of them.

  3. Canadians are just awful…

  4. ^Fuck you, asshole.

  5. Canadians are so awful with their health care system and politeness. The average Canadian will give you the shirt off their back and they don’t even need to know you. FYI, it’s not because of the Blue Jay wear. Chick in the right corner, finger up nose. Thank you for your time.

  6. ^Chill out, dickwad.

  7. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Those girls are fat.

  8. Canadians are fake.

  9. Traveltruth, I assure you Canadians are quite real. You are fake.

  10. There’s no way it’s because of that dude barely in the picture that’s picking his nose. It has to be because of fat canadian girls. or maybe average canadian girls? IDK i’ve never been so I don’t know canadian expectations.

  11. slicingupeyeballs

    Aren’t Canadians like the awkward younger siblings of brash American kids trying to fit in at social gatherings..?

    Not surprised if they are a bit chubby if they aspire to taking after the average fat Yank…

  12. I think it’s because of the girl next to the guy picking his nose rolling a joint.

  13. I assumed she was sniffing cocaine, and that guy was clearing his nose after he did it.. or maybe thats just my twisted logic.

  14. It is well known that Canandians loathe Americans.

  15. Do one, T1000.

  16. No. They are all fat.

  17. ^^ Fake Canadian wannabe. Nah, just fake.

  18. Zahur, you are fake.

  19. T1000: I always thought Canadians were Americans, North Americans to be precise. Why then should they loathe them? The ones I’ve met have quite likeable: similar to people from the States, but more polite.

  20. ^Precisely.

  21. The brady bunch pic is awesome because Rich is a terrifying-looking individual.
    I’d like to see him actually play cindy in the next reunion-kill-me-now-special.

  22. 14: Everyone loathes Americans.

  23. Everyone knows Americans are the fattest of them all.

  24. #14 Canandians are fake, did you mean to spell Canadians? if so, I forgive you, but only after you give me a wank or two, and cup the balls please, I like that.

  25. talk to any urban ausfailian and they say pretty much the exact same shit that made everyone start hating the yanks back in the 80’s.
    Last week, I had my ear chewed off for 10 minutes by some over-stuffed soccer mum telling me how awful her life was. Her house was too big and too hard to clean and how it sure made her sad.
    I told her that 30,000 people die of starvation everyday, and that she was a fat, sheltered sow who needs to get some real problems. I went on to suggest she should contract stomach cancer, post haste. She stopped talking to me after that.

  26. You could have shut her up quicker if you had just shoved a cock in her mouth instead.

  27. ^you just lack class, finesse and a whole bunch of other shit.
    you’ll be fine eventually, though.

  28. canadians are pervers

  29. Too funny. So much jealousy in the world from you non-Americans. So many strive to become Americans; still insanely long waiting lists to get in the country legally, and even more so illegally. Bailed half of your countries out of whatever shit you got into (try all of Europe during WWII).
    Yes, you’ll never admit to your jealousy, of course, but deep down inside your socialist hearts, you know it’s true.
    Yes, Americans just suck. But you’re all asses and cockbags.

  30. ^ excellent trolling Nails! I almost thought you were serious until the ‘socialist” part.

  31. Mario and Dreddy

    I’m Canadian and I think our reputation as being super nice and approachable and all that is complete and utter bullshit. I’m from Toronto and the place is as self-serving, status-obsessed, rude, cold, and sterile as anywhere on the planet. You can go days without a stranger speaking to you. I just haven’t experienced this Canadian welcomeness, but if it makes my international travels easier because of that reputation, so be it. I’ve found Americans, in general, to be much nicer than Canadians.

  32. Canadia is a wonderful country and if Canadians play their cards right it could be the world’s superpower within a couple centuries.

    Listen up Canadians because I’ll only say this once:

    Step 1: Increase Chinaman immigration rates.
    Step 2: Wait for Global Warming to kick in.
    Step 3: Party like it’s 2199!

  33. Thank you CHOOCH! Muah!!

  34. The US should sell Canada to pay off it’s debt.

  35. Canada. America’s hat.

  36. America. Canada’s shorts.

    And, Florida? Yeah, sorry, buddy; you’re the wang.

  37. beatusmongous

    Florida is a penis. Nice. What’s California, then? An ass?

  38. yo beatus, did you just call canada an asshat?

  39. Ms., don’t get all melodramatic and shit. You’re just a little upset cause I didn’t make fun of your shrimp infested vagina in 3 or 4 days. Take that you…you floozy!

  40. no. i’m upset because ‘just shove a cock in it’ is a crappy way to deal with life’s problems.
    also;- you didn’t see this corpulent hose-beast. i doubt even you’d be able to stay hard. and i just know you’ve swashbuckled some serious sea-monsters during your distinguished career as an internet liar.

  41. we’ve all had to slay dragons at some point, msanne…

  42. Oh, dear, but you’re wrong. Shoving my wooden phallus in lifes problems is a GREAT way of dealing with them. You see, the beauty in all of this is that my penis is made of wood, honestly I figured you would have guessed that, most pirates have wooden appendages of some sort, ya know? But, all swashbuckling aside, in my well established position as Captain, one of my greatest, and most recent of accomplishments was installing Wi-fi on my awesome fucking ship!

  43. you on the crank again?

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