Friday, January 6, 2012

Now It Hurts

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  1. Other than that, nice tattoo.

  2. It should also be ‘than die for nothing’…

    Actually, scratch that, it just shouldn’t exist at all.

  3. Should there not also be an apostrophe in “I’d”?

  4. This is so awful.

    Never mind the “then/than” mistake. The saying goes “I’d rather die for something than live for nothing.”

  5. Wow, someone actually has the intelligence to recognize that he fucked up and isn’t saying “NO!….I….I meant to do it that way. Cause it……it… has…….special meaning. Yeah.”

  6. Well, if he doesn’t like it, than he just use an eraser, it’s better then dying with error.

  7. christopherlovet

    Tattoos are fucking stupid anyway.

  8. Why did christopherlovet fall off the swing? Cos she had no arms after I cut them off with a hacksaw for dissin’ tats. Ya get me BLOOD?!

  9. wow, internet gangsters aren’t we. I happen to have about 30 tattoos altogether, why get mad because someone hates them? Who gives a fck? Its not that serious. and that dumbass who got the wrong quote, and spelling, thats your own fault. Should have done your research.

  10. Tattoos, for the most part, are gay. Why not just SCREAM for attention. Most people with ink are wannabes… like harley owners. All posers. You know what else is gay? People who “threaten” people over the interwebs. Like crusty.

  11. ^^ You sound like a real cum guzzler. Tattoos instantly make you hard as fuck regardless of strength or past fighting experience.

    Who are you?

  12. How do tattoos make you hard? They’re not terribly painful to get.
    A girl who gets a tattoo immediately increases her hotness by a large factor.

  13. They just do, i’d rather not discuss the smaller details.

  14. @mad2
    It really depends on the tattoo and where she got it. Also it depends on the….canvas. If your canvas is ugly and fat then no matter how much you draw on it, you’re still gonna have an ass-ugly girl

    (my metaphor kinda fell apart there at the end….)

  15. Don’t get arm tattoos. Just get Primal Wear Tattoo arm warmers. They look just as awesome as tattoos, and you can take them off so you can still impress your future in-laws at dinner.

  16. Forget the tattoo debate for a minute – what the FUCK is the whole then/than thing about? Is it something that has just recently started happening or have I only just started noticing it? It confuses and irritates the hell out of me. Do grown people really think that ‘then’ and ‘than’ are two interchangeable words? Do they not proofread their written words and realise that it doesn’t read right? Are they too lazy to take the one second it would take for their brain to consider which word is the correct one to use? Why wouldn’t using the correct word just be instinctual, like knowing when to use ‘and’ or ‘the’? MY GOD IS IT FUCKING ANNOYING!!!!!

  17. @crusty “smaller” details indeed

  18. The tattoo as it reads is bloody hilarious. And that’s the inner aspect of his forearm? Looks more like a lower leg to me. Either way, it’s fugly.

  19. I’d like to hear crusty’s small details (though I do not wish to see or touch his small details). I’ve gotten numerous tattoos, and they certainly don’t make me ‘hard as fuck.’
    Beatus, if your future in-laws are such shallow fucks as to oppose you on the grounds of tattoos, then screw them. Actually, who cares what your in-laws think anyway? What matters is what your (potential) spouse thinks.
    Lex brings up a good point about the canvas, but I still think as a general rule, tattoos cause a hotness increase. That doesn’t make the girl hot, just hotter.

  20. i have to wonder if tattoo artists know there is a mistake and are inwardly laughing while they’re working, or if they don’t notice either… i know they have to put whatever the customer wants, but sheesh, wouldn’t you TRY to tell them first??

    oh, and #9: you’re misusing the word ‘gay’. gay does not equal stupid. say stupid instead.

  21. Did you leave your sense of humor at work again, Mad?

  22. @Hawk, i’d have preferred you picked up on “hard”. But hey ho, live and learn.

  23. There are no industry standards for drunk/ tattoos. Partly bc the tattooers dont notice partly bc they dont care. Did you see the chick who got “DRAKE” tatted on her forehead? Read the article by the guy who did it. Hilarious. THAT should be on lamebook.

  24. Putting that on his arm shows me that he will no doubt die as nothing….so whats wrong with it?

  25. Shouldn’t the phrase be “I’d rather die for something, than live for nothing”? Otherwise she’s saying she’d rather live for a cause than die for no cause, which is pretty standard.

  26. @Exploding Minx
    A-fucking-men to that. I wish life included some kind of basic, and fatal, language test.

  27. I don’t understand why people feel the need to get tattoos of random sayings like this. Why do you need to be constantly reminded of that one particular phrase, do you lack the mental ability of memory?, can you not get the same sort of inspiration from a song or simply seeing the same phrase on a piece of paper?. If you are to get a tattoo of a proverb, why have it on show?. Surely you would want something like that, if it means so much to you personally, to remain private on a covered area of your body?.

  28. # 24, kindly refer to comment # 4.

  29. bennyG, you’re an idiot. i won’t even go into detail why. because it cleary shows

  30. No, Benny is right. Cliche saying look stupid. Get a picture, instead.

  31. *sayings. Dammit.

  32. @ #15 “MY GOD IS IT FUCKING ANNOYING!!!!!”. Is it as annoying as some preaching hypcorite on forums complaining about grammar when they can’t remember to put a question mark when they ask a question? I reeeeeeeeally don’t understand why people continue to visit such websites if they find it so earth-shakingly annoying.

  33. Beatus, you’re kinda right, I have a line from a Bob Dylan song tattoo’d on me, I love the line, it’s just so fucking annoying having to tell people what it says every time someone sees it. But anyway, my tattoos get me poon.

  34. Getting words inked on me was the worst mistake I ever made. If I had a dime for every stranger that fucking approached me to ask: “what does that say?” I would have the money to get it “lazered” off.

  35. ^^ Inconsistent.

  36. ^’my tattoos get me poon’.

  37. Duuuumb tattoo, the “e” can easily be fixed to an “a”. And anyone talking shit about getting tats is stupid, its a life choice, personal expresion, and art. if u don’t like them don’t get them, duh.

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