Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Dissertation

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  1. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    I would fail this fuck if I were his Prof.

  2. What, does he want to bang his advisor? (Nobody else is going to read your dissertation close enough to notice, buddy.) Bad idea. Well who says men don’t try to sleep their way to the top.

  3. #2… not me, I slept my way to the bottom.

  4. Shit, not even his professor will read his dissertation that close.

  5. I slept my way to the back. Doggy style.

  6. I think dukey also likes doggy, u guys should hang out, beatus

  7. Wow. This is his dissertation? Eeeehhhh. He should be embarrassed.

  8. Another dissertation for a degree that will only lend itself to working in Mc Donald’s or claiming social security

  9. Fake!

  10. Not bad. It reads well, considering.

    However: WHY? What a waste of time.

  11. T1000 You must love the word fake, eh?

  12. YoMama92, you just made yourself look like
    an idiot.

    Are you 8 years old?

  13. His dissertation’s going to get a big fat FAIL if he doesn’t go back and insert some references.

  14. Boring dissertation.

  15. I think I’ll call him and tell him as much.

  16. so, this idiot didn’t include his number? FAIL

  17. Um…for those that don’t know–these are actually the words to a song…

  18. ^what about for those that don’t care? what are they actually then?

  19. pretty sure that how much you do or don’t care has absolutely no bearing on whether or not a group of words exist as a song lyric.
    what an idiot.

  20. ^wrong.
    the correct answer is:- fuck off and die slug, you tragic bastion of tedium.

  21. bastion??? BASTION???
    now i’m really offended!!

  22. bast·ion noun.
    the resulting gastropod progeny resulting from parents who weren’t married, one of them, in fact, being the family labrador.

  23. aw man…that was pretty bad hey. i thought i had the measure of you but then you started using words that suggested that i was some sort of bunker or something.
    i promise to back off as long as you don’t call me a fortress, ok.

  24. i’ll call you any thing i damn well want, sluggo.
    you only seem to understand the lower half of what i say anyway.

  25. ^ please, continue! just be nice and stop comparing me to fortifications. i mean, a bit of internet banter is fun and all, but i think that’s going a bit too far.
    how would you like it if i called you a trench?
    see…doesn’t feel very good does it?
    so…play nice.

  26. bas·tion
       [bas-chuhn, -tee-uhn]
    1. Fortification . a projecting portion of a rampart or fortification that forms an irregular pentagon attached at the base to the main work.
    2. a fortified place.
    3. anything seen as preserving or protecting some quality, condition, etc.: a bastion of ignorance; a bastion of fuckwittery.

  27. alright then, gloves are off!
    you fucking pillbox. you’re nothing but a machine-nest, you hear me!!??

  28. ?

  29. aw shit, sorry, typo. meant to say – you’re nothing but a machine-gun nest, msanne!! a machine gun nest. yeah. take that.
    although you might be a mortar pit.

  30. ??

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