Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The 16 Types of People on Facebook

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  1. beatusmongous


  2. Guess which one I am.

  3. #17. The annoying guy who just repeats the same thing over and over to get a reaction?

  4. Or else #14, if I have to choose from designated answers.

  5. If the word “FAKE” appears below this line, it is FAKE and written by a FAKE.


  6. T100 your no better than the picture of the penis with boils on it that so often appears above these comments.

  7. rockabillylady6969

    They forgot #17 – The Quoter – this one posts random song lyrics all day long in an effort to seem, more well rounded, philosophical, or deep than they really are.

  8. Triple posts are fake

  9. the “positivity generator” – those people who post a motivational/positive message every day, you know the ones, a photo of someone standing with their arms spread on a beach, facing the sunset, with a little quote on it saying something like “you’ll never know if you don’t try”.

  10. They did get most of them.

  11. I’m guilty of number of #3, I have to admit!!

  12. I like this one. I would also add:
    #17. The Veejay. – Constantly uploading youtube clips.

  13. also,
    #18. “The Fucking Bore.”

    16 categories of stereotype and not even one half-assed one-liner amongst the whole dreary shit pile.

  14. I wasn’t any of those, maybe they could add The Absentee, hardly bothers to log into his Facebook and posts like one thing per month.

  15. ^ No one ever remembers that guy.

  16. jesuschristanlsuperstar

    I’m the one who masturbates to Spring Break pics.

    Too bad this is fake.

  17. I have every single one of those types on my FB, as well as those mentioned in the comments. Except for one. While I know more than a few cocks, the only one I don’t have is The Rooster.

  18. How could this be fake? That doesn’t even make sense.

  19. There’s always the guy hyping his band of ciurse, I guess he could be sort of a subtype of the Promoter. And the awwww-er, all cute puppy pics and lolcats, all the time. Did I ever mention I hate Facebook?

  20. *course

  21. ^so, do you currently have a fæcesbook account, Jim?

  22. no, I left almost two years ago. I discovered this site while I was still on facebook though, and it’s still good for a few laughs.

  23. Carry on, then. You’re good to go.

    (people who bitch about how much they hate the fbook, whilst using it everyday, get a special type of attention from me. fortunately, we don’t need to go there today.)

  24. ^I say the same thing; just insert Lamebook where fbook is

  25. no way, hawk. people never bitch about this place, do they?
    this place is the pig’s tits.

  26. ^Tough titty said the kitty but the milks still good!

  27. Haha, what’s scary is I think I’m a little of each of the 16! I must need more of a life…

  28. horrible confession –
    the “fitness head” – someone who posts fairly regularly about their latest fitness achievement. no doubt causing all his/her friends to groan.
    oh i know it’s lame…and i’m a terrible person and all that!

  29. ^ I highly doubt any of them see your posts, SLG. Discerning Facebook users choose not to show blowhard shit like yours on their News Feeds.

  30. Funny what you learn online……….

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