Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Aunt Freak

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  2. ^ Where are ya? Been missing your hilarity!

  3. Zahur, your inane shit has me feeeling all kind of contempt about you. Shut the hell up, and try to contribute as a human being instead of a 34 year old robot. I wish you would stop repeating yourself and just commit suicide.already, you desperate attention whore. I bet you are so obese that you break every scale you go on, moron. We get it, you have no life.

    You are fake.

  4. ^ Says the guy that is actually fake.

  5. SnyperNinja, incorrect. You are fake.

  6. Am I the only one hoping that Samantha is actually Josh’s mum, not aunt and has just pretty much secured him into counselling.

  7. beatusmongous

    ^Nope. I’m hoping the same thing. Either his mom or his girlfriend/wife.

  8. Never thought of that. The possibilities are endless!

  9. if they were relatives, wouldn’t we see the first initial of the last name?

    i hope it is just some friend of his that really did bang his uncle.

  10. #9, nice defective detective.

    What if Samantha is his blood aunt and took her husband’s last name?

    What if Josh’s Mum and Samantha are sisters?

    His last name could be Smith and Samantha’s last name could be Pratik, and they both could have Bobblejobble as their maiden name… you didn’t really think that through did you.

  11. Samantha gets freaky in bed

  12. sam is his grandmother.

  13. Samantha is a clearly a filthy whore.

  14. The quote’s wrong anyway, some women are just plain asexual, and the right guys don’t bother trying for long. Fortunately for me my dearly beloved isn’t one of them.

  15. So I’ll add freak to the list of “cool” things to be now? Along with nerd, emo, goth. Yeah?

  16. Yep. With a tattoo of a Chinese symbol.

  17. Emo and goth were NEVER cool. Nerds aren’t necessarily “cool” unless we make a lot of money. I’m not a very cool nerd.

  18. slicingupeyeballs

    Isn’t ‘asexual’ what ugly people who can’t get laid call themselves…?

  19. Nope, that would be ‘date rapists’.

  20. ^also; pedophile priests.

  21. Now MsAnne, we may have to have words. I’m a good catholic girl here and your comment offended me.

  22. no it didn’t. it can’t have.
    it was a completely bipartisan remark.
    i may just as easily been referring to anglican priests. they’re all fucked up sky-pilots.
    the whole, creepy, lot of ’em.

  23. Ah alright you got me …. I didn’t really give a shit after all.

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