Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Remember Me?

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  1. If she’s ten, why is she on Facebook… it’s for 13 years+

    Also, she’s an idiot. Stupid kids.

  2. My six year old cousin and all of her friends have facebooks. I could be wrong since back when I started on it, you had to be a college student to join, but I don’t think there’s an age limit to facebook. You just have to have a valid e-mail address.

  3. Nah you’re not an idiot just for being too young to have heard of Clippy. But ten years old is probably too young to know what not to say or do on Facebook. (Well OK, not all adults have that common sense either, as plenty of Lamebook postings have proven.)

  4. @kuntaquinta

    yes, you had to be a college student with a valid college email for the approved schools, back when facebook wasn’t that lame.

    And there is an age limit- its the same age limit for all websites that collect ANY user data and is based in the US. Under COPPA – any site that collects user data is not allowed to collect data for someone under 13 years old, and can be held liable if they do.

  5. Gotta check yer asssshoe

  6. I always used the wizard

  7. I think Libby is saying that she uses paperclips, not Clippy.

  8. Oh, is that what you think bradles?

  9. Yes, it is what I think, shut up. The fact that she said “them” instead of “it” was the give away for me.
    But hey, she is only 10.

  10. Thanks for attempting to help the slow kids, bradles, but I’m pretty sure they already understood. Or maybe that wasn’t sarcasm dripping from shut up‘s comment.

  11. Clippy was never much help anyways

  12. beatusmongous

    Still isn’t.

  13. Ceci n'est pas un nom

    Am I the only one more bothered by the asshole’s reaction? I mean, I get it. She made him feel really old, or killed the joke, or whatever. An “I hate u” joke is ok between adult friends but she’s only 1o years old. Who talks to a 10 year old like that? An asshole, that’s who.

  14. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    He was talking to Clippy not the kid. Everybody hates Clippy.

  15. Paperclips are best used for getting bogies out of a babies’ nose

  16. Statutorylove

    WRONG! Best for cleaning out your hash pipe.

  17. Statutorylove

    And what is Humphrey Bogart doing in your baby’s nose?

  18. I liked clippy, where is that guy?

  19. Clippy had to be taken out. He knew too much.

  20. Me: I just can’t take this crap anymore. I’ve decided

    Clippy: It looks like you are writing a suicide note. Would you like to use a template?

  21. Did anyone ever change Clippy to any of the other annoying animations? I used to use the computer one because it would explode every now and then.

  22. Clippy got clipped. In the face.

    But he survived because he’s many things, but mainly he is very porous.

    In other news, there’s been like a day without MsAnneThrope commenting. I bet she’s dead.

  23. ^closer to three days. but i got home 12 hours ago.
    you really need to keep up, muppet.

  24. Well then, it’s settled, I started to wonder if you had spilled some alchy and took your keyboard out, but since you’re back and I’d feel bad if I didn’t say something kind of cunty, welcome back you old sour puss!

  25. kissass.

  26. Hope the 3 day ‘gimpmasks through the ages’ convention was all you’d hoped

  27. they had me at ‘vintage latex ball-gag’.

  28. Go drink douche water you foul smelling hooligan!

  29. at ease, soldier.

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