Tuesday, May 1, 2012


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  1. Blur fail.

  2. Monopoly can get REALLY intense.

  3. beatusmongous

    The last one is creepy.

  4. Fake.

  5. #3 is beautiful

  6. Jordan is real good at BBQ

  7. I’m choosing to see #3 as an imaginative, well executed frape.

  8. if that spotty, plump, young sad-act sees himself as a beautiful young woman on the inside – who are you to judge?

    …i can judge becoz i’m an utter cunt (it’s true – ask anyone).
    hey, spotty – the stupid fucking stripy shoulder just hanging out he side of your neck there makes you like a complete fucking dickhead.
    learn to ‘shop, bitchass.

  9. *the (side of your thick, grotesque, spotty neck.)

  10. I’d do him.

  11. Yeah, that stripy shoulder is bugging the hell out of me. Do a thing, do it right.

  12. ^Um, I think it’s a girl, not a guy.

  13. ^why do you say that?

  14. I’m not real sure why. I just have this feeling that it’s a girl. Maybe the cheesy smile? It’s still a creepy picture to me, though.

  15. that’d be one fugly woman beatus!

  16. How many times have you “accidentally” slept with men, beatus?

  17. beatusmongous

    I didn’t say she was a pretty girl, but I’ve seen women that look that ugly, or that manly. I’ve also seen men that look prettier than most women. Still, I check the transmission long before going for a test drive.

  18. ^ i never do that.
    i just kick the tyres and we good to roll.

  19. It’s definitely a bloke!

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