Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Truth Behind the Like Button

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  1. crustylovelips

    Well that’s wrong. Every time you push that like button, an African dies.

  2. Kind of like every time a Cadillac backfires, a nig gets a gold tooth.

  3. @scunt – that is horrid. Too bad there isn’t a thumbs up / down on comments or a report option.

  4. @scunt- you totally just made my morning…thank you for that!

  5. @scunt- ur my hero!!!

  6. This is so accurate, its time we all realize that every click matters.

  7. I guess this is where all the racist assholes will congregate

    I can appreciate a good joke (whether it’s racist or not, because humor spares no man), however, Scunt…your joke was a huge fuckin failure.

  8. Black people are fake.

  9. jesuschristanlsuperstar

    Seriously, how can a person like fried chicken that much?

  10. yawn…

  11. @#7 – I guess this is where all the overly politically correct assholes congregate as well. Humour spares no man? Who talks like that?

  12. Cunts. Cunts talk like that.

  13. scunt owns this thread

  14. ^Not Really

  15. given how tragically flogged-out the entire Great Racism Debate Online is, can i just make it suck a wee bit more?
    o.k. thanks. i will.

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