Monday, April 30, 2012

It’s Math!

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  1. Jacksin is fake.

  2. Saying you don’t have to be pretty to be beautiful is only telling the world you’re ugly

  3. i fucks with bitches that have pretty face, fat bitch coming up, i might say yes. take her to my place. but i dont tell my friends. pretty number 10 on her way

  4. Ceci n'est pas un nom

    I don’t get it… Does Jackson think emaciated means naked? Otherwise, his “mathematical example” (more like statement, really, not an example, but I digress) makes no sense.

    Also, Mario, nobody said you don’t have to be pretty to be beautiful (those words are essentially synonyms anyway). Are you also unaware of the meaning of emaciated and assumed it meant pretty?

    Sorry for being pedantic but come on, people, emaciated means overly skinny. If you don’t know what it means, look it up or at least stfu so that you don’t look like an idiot.

  5. yeah people, come on!

  6. ^ Why look it up when the grammar police are in town to correct their mistakes.

  7. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Magda is fat.

  8. Dukey has smooth buns.

  9. Magda is fat if she thinks the VS models are “emaciated”.
    Or maybe she’s just stupid and does not understand words yet.
    Most likely, she’s fat and stupid.

  10. Not just fat and stupid, also incredibly dull. Like it’s a fucking newsflash that models are hotter and skinnier than most other people? Thank you Magda, for being the voice of reason in this superficial world.

  11. Ouch. Harsh up in here.

  12. Louie, you are fake roadkill.

  13. ^Can it, you harpy!

  14. ^@#11

  15. It’s called tough love, Louie.

  16. The VS models are not emaciated. They’re very slim, but they have the soft curves that come from diet/exercise with professional trainers and nutritionists, rather than the harsh angles of emaciation. If they were emaciated, they’d have no boobs or butt, and it would make no sense for a lingerie company to use models like that.

    Seconding #9’s fat and stupid assessment.

  17. magda > jackson

  18. @16, There are breast and butt implants these days.

    That being said, the only people who are qualified to say if the VS girls are at a healthy weight/size are their doctors. It’s incredibly wrong to assume that a person is too thin, or too fat, when you 1.) aren’t an M.D. and 2.) don’t know them personally.

  19. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    @18 Silly girl, do you really think that MD’s know all their patients personally? Besides, it is easy to spot if someone is to fat. So there’s no need to start acting like a fucking butthurt obese tart if someone says something truthful about those fat retarded fuckers from the US.

  20. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    @18 part 2, I almost forgot; Have a nice day.

  21. ruckingfetard

    The point was you dont have to look like a VS model to be beautiful. Its an unrealistic expectation for women to put on themselves. Those women make millions of dollars because they are so uniquely beautiful, and stay that way because its their job. You can still be a gorgeous girl without being professional model material. Not to mention the air brushing, plastic surgery, professional makeup artists ect.

  22. Dear Women of the World.

    Please continue to wear nice knickers to help detract from the fact that you have a weird leaky baby hole between your legs… Unless your fat, in which case don’t bother.

    There’s no point wrapping up a dead cow.

  23. @21… ummm.. there was a point? Sounded like Magda ran out of cupcakes and choc chip icecream and was about to resort to licking the bacon grease off the breakfast pan, had an epiphany, thought better of it and decided to lash out at folks who don’t have a jelly bean dispenser in the arm of their lazy-boy.

  24. The name Magda has Slavic and German roots, and means “Of Magdala”.

    Jackson shares his forename with the surnames of several high profile celebrities including noted paedophile Michael Jackson and the Director of ground breaking and multi award winning blockbuster, ‘Braindead’ Peter Jackson.

    In all likelihood, Magda is rotund.

  25. Yeah Victoria’s secret models are not emaciated…they are not like the freaky runway models that die of anorexia.

    VS ladies look very nice and have a shape to promote the underwear they sell. out of all the models out there, VS should not be getting this crap

  26. crustylovelips

    Yes there fucking is point to wrapping up a dead cow. Obviously you have never had fillet steak with bacon wrapped around it.

  27. Calm Down Egon Ronay! I should’ve realised you were a meat lover…

    I’ve eaten cow and pig before but I don’t want them to wear blusher before I do, catch ma drift?

  28. VS models are hot
    BUlimia and anorexia are not
    STFU and move on…
    nothing funny to see here…

  29. I am suffering from a shortage of VS models right now

  30. fat jokes ♥♥♥

  31. @19, I never said that MDs know their patients personally. If you’ll note, “MDs” and “people models know personally” were two separate categories in my comment. I even numbered them for the slower people.

    “Too fat” and “too thin” is different for every single person. Medical doctors who are actually doing their jobs will be able to tell you whether or not you’re healthy. For instance, I have a friend who is very physically fit and emotionally stable. She happens to also be a size 00. She meets people all of the time who give her grief due to her naturally petite frame.

  32. shut up, jessi. no one cares.

  33. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    @Jessi, do you have a pair of white boots?

  34. I’m guessing white boots with tassels.

  35. ^Tassels that hang from pasties.

  36. you make an entirely valid yet utterly uninteresting point, jessi. it’s true, a healthy weight is different for different people…..and?

  37. ^well, that’s young jess told.
    being informed that you’re uninteresting from Professor Boring of Bromidic University.

  38. <3 "bromidic" <3

    That's the thing I've learned for today.
    Fuck this shit. I'm going home.

  39. aw msanne, i’m starting to get the impression you’re holding a grudge! is it because i told you you suck at alcohol remedies, msanne? i mean, that shit really set you off, didn’t it? haw haw that was cool.
    or am i getting things totally wrong and your attempts to control me and my commenting on a website are just due to the fact that you’re a gigantic, withered, dried-up control freak of a cunt?
    your anti-alcohol remedy sucks, msanne! now go and leave me 10 pages worth of lamebook comments, bitch.

  40. ^haha. gutted.

  41. still waitin on those 10 pages! 🙂

  42. so try and get over being gutted, i need your creativity at it’s peak!

  43. woohoo i got my 10 pages!! thanks maaaaate!

  44. Thirteen pages!! YEEEAHHHHHH!!!!
    Orrite bitches I’m laying down the gauntlet…if you can get cuntlips mcgee up there to respond to you over 13 pages of lamebook comments, i’ll eat my hat and poste that shit on youtube!
    keep the hate alive peeps!

  45. You’re shit. Boring shit, at that.

  46. if you keep complimenting me this way i’m gonna get all smug and annoying! thanks bacchante, your feedback matters to me! 🙂

  47. You’re shit. Boring shit, at that.

  48. you obviously must want me to be smug and annoying!
    done, and done.

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