Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Forking Accents…

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  1. He called her “Spanish” (o o)

    It’s okay to say “Mexican” man..we understand =)

  2. If he is not understanding the Hispanic woman’s accent, why is he fucking a man with multiple accents?

  3. you do realize this is a place is the UK, right?

  4. I wanna fuck here ona table, and i wanna shit ona bed.

  5. Sooooo is he claiming she said “Do you want to fork?” …

  6. UK? “Mr Fawlty! Mr Fawlty!”

  7. i dont get it

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  9. “Get me a hammer please Basil”
    “Che? Aaah ham and cheese sandwich!! Si si”

  10. Ahh fuct that up, it was Manuel ><

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