Wednesday, March 27, 2013

And the Father of the Year Award goes to…

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  1. This is amazing.

  2. When I was 3, my father gave me chewing tobacco and told me it was shredded beef jerkey. Guess we all have different parenting styles.

  3. For all the fighting and negative posts we see on Lamebook, I really like this one – it’s rather touching!

  4. Pretty awesome…

    …Until tomorrow, when she’ll want to play as Mario again.

  5. carlosspicyweiner

    Bleh, he’s producing a future “give me what I want” bitch.

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  7. He is doing it for the challenge. He would do the same for his 27yo cousin if he was intrigued enough.

  8. Earn like a boss…
    I can’t tell if he means that literally or if he’s using slang…

  9. If you’re earning $9844 a month you ain’t earning like a boss. Like a supervisor or team leader maybe, but not like a boss.

  10. In my town, that’s a boss’ wage. At least this spammer got his math right for a change. 30 hours a week isn’t bad.

  11. BEST PARENT EVER /end of story.

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