Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Daddy’s Girl


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  1. Best lamebook post ever.

  2. ahahahahah that is insane.

    http://www.tourist-destinations.com how about this ?

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  5. blondie1508: I found it racist.

    LamesterGuruPro4shareware_geniusedition: it started off well enough, and then crept into racist territory quickly.

    Vaginalroundhouse: We get it, either you are a troll, or you really don’t like black people. Regardless of race, if you were born in America, then you are American. “Whites” discovered the land, despite Native Americans being here first. The only reason it is credited to whites is because they told other people that America existed rather than saying nothing like the Vikings.

    noonespecial, she isn’t being hypocritical if he was born in America.

    There is being disrespectful and there is being racist. You can be disrespectful and not racist, but you can’t be racist and not disrespectful. Plain and simple. Yes, Darius was being disrespectful, but Joe didn’t have to retaliate by saying “that black guy”. In context, it is racist because he has access to his name. Even if he doesn’t use his name, he can use something colorful not racist term as well. Clearly, everyone would have know what he was talking about, right??? But he chose, “that black guy”.

    If you don’t know someone’s name and there isn’t anything else you know about them, that black, Asian, white, etc is acceptable because you don’t know the name. It isn’t racist to call someone by their race unless you are trying to depersonalize them, which he was doing and others even admitted he was doing.

    But, personally, as a black person, I’ve never called white people crackers, honkeys, or anything other racial name to describe them. It’s white guy/girl if I don’t know their name and I can’t describe them any other way. Or if they share a common name with a black/asian/mexican/etc person and we don’t know the last name.

    As someone mentioned, not all blacks are the same–even in the US. But, the same could be said for every race.

    And yes, this fell into the tl;dr category, I know.

  6. too bad most of the shit on lamebook is fake.

  7. *chuckles*

  8. vaginalroundhouse

    2shy……you need to calm down before I call the Internet police on your trolling.

  9. Darius, u hilarious son of a bitch you… HE WASNT KIDDING!

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  11. all these ads are disgusting

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