Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Stoooopid Mom!

Stoooopid Mom

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  1. Wow stupid runs in this family.

  2. This one is kind of depressing, personally. I wish my mother would pick up the phone once in a while just to let me know that friendship is a myth and my hopes for companionship and love are futile.

  3. Was her last comment some maternal life advice? Aw, that’s sweet.

  4. I see where the son picked up his spelling and grammar “skills” from.

  5. I think it’s sweet the way he is following in her footsteps. Moms should be the brilliant stars we all aspire to be like.

  6. You know, you’d think mom is too stupid to be this nihilistic. But you would be wrong.

  7. this hurts my soul a little bit…

  8. Mom is so epic!

  9. I bet Moms a real dirtbag, smoking doobes with her boyfriend, puting cigs out on the living room floor, empty beer bottles next to her bed, at least she anit stoooooooooopid yo.

  10. Wow. Mrs Harris sounds so intelligent and sophisticated.

  11. i see where ‘N harris gets it from…apple doesnt fall far from the tree….

  12. Wow, that’s his MOM!

  13. his mom is fucking awesome.

  14. Could be worse: could be bad at spelling and be a cheter 🙂

  15. As everyone knows, this website (lamebook.com) has been around for 21 years today. Happy Anniversary lamebook!!!!

    Anyway, it was around 20 years ago and I was at the somber age of 7. I remember getting online every morning, excited to see which facebook jackass was complaining about an STD (or crotch rot, as we called it back in the day), using improper grammar, or complaining about an STD while improper grammar.

    Well, anyway, one of my favorite posts was from a woman named Aretha or Anita or Akisha Harris (it wasn’t blurred back before these new-fangled laws were invented).

    Well, her status message was something like:


    The admins labelled it KOOL SKOOL. Admins… such characters!

    Well, the comments came flooding in. People complaining about her all caps, about her spelling problems, about her needing school more than anything else in the world right now, and of course, everyone advising her that she should remove herself from the gene pool, at all costs.

    Well, it looks like 1) she didn’t listen and 2) we were right in our advice.

  16. See, sometimes it isn´t the education system that fails a kid. Dumbass parents.


  18. do you think his mum got stuck on caps lock by accident and didn’t know how to take it off, or she is actually shouting at him via the computer?

  19. Haha, my submission made it! Love you LAAAAAAAAMEBOOK!

  20. “I know what you’re thinking, but Mom says she just doesn’t feel ‘herself’ when she’s taking her meds.”

  21. naw….I call bullshit

  22. Dishonorable!
    Poor Mister Haiku may soon
    commit seppuku.

  23. I can’t help but think about the movie Psycho.

  24. It’s like 50c scripted his entire childhood in FB format.
    The mum sounds like she’s only 10 years older than her son.
    Which she probably is.

  25. caps lock means she maaaaaaad

    although why? I’m not quite sure…the second I see wall of capital letters my brain refuses to take it in.

  26. I. Just. Don’t. Understand.

  27. Brain exploding by all the caps lock and gibberish…..

  28. You could tell mom was a complete idiot years ago, when she decide to give her son a name that begins with “apostrophe N”.

  29. @mcowles

    you suck, shut up, that wasn’t funny or interesting.

  30. hahaha apostraphe N. what does that even mean.

  31. I don’t know. What does “apostraphe” mean?

  32. I don’t understand what these fucking cocks are talking about.

  33. The son has a cell phone ( wanna bet its pre-paid?), and apparently has a very low number of minutes on it, since his mom shit a brick when he announced that it had been turned back on.

  34. how does it go from 33 minutes, to 9 to 6 then to 12?


  35. @34(Kristina) Because they are different status updates and screenshots are taken at different timestamps ?

  36. TALK ABOUT UPTIGHT!!!! my mother is wayy coller than that.. plus… i have prepaid cell phone.. and i pay my phone bill.. and if u knew my age.. u’d think i shouldnt be paying it

  37. You’re username is 88, which would suggest you were born in 88, making you 22 this year, why should you not be self sufficient by now?

  38. Mattaria is right.

    Although the mother is clearly a bitch.

  39. We have been focused on the kids with their idiotic spelling, though now it clearly shows that the parents are to blame.
    With a mother like that, I would wish I was adopted.

  40. Like mother, like child. The spelling people! Spell check isn’t there to just make the page pretty with all the red marks…

  41. @ianswer911 there isnt any spellcheck on facebook statuses!
    jst sayin

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