Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Woh There!

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  1. Yes his name is Iron Scrotum.

  2. I bet he’s hung like a STEEEEEEEEVERRRRRRRR!

  3. Looks like a stud.
    I love to ride my pony.
    It’s hung on the wall like a horse.
    No mane on it, like it clean and shaved.

  4. lol, it looks like a penis and balls. that’s what’s funny.

  5. It’s funny because she thinks it’s called Barb wire.

  6. It’s funny cos Americans call their children such fucking stupid things

  7. Whatever. Apparently “barb wire” is an acceptable form. In my day it was “barbed wire”.

  8. “I’d love to ride that. “

  9. i’d say that is pretty good for an infant.

  10. Thanks for the tetanus mummy

  11. I can see what every extra bit is supposed to be…
    But what is that part sticking out the top??

  12. It is supposed to be one of the ears, as the “horse” is turned to the side, Dude.

  13. Gonzo, Esmi may be short for Esmiralda. But yes, still a shitty name.

  14. “I figured you could eat, and then play with your cock and balls.”

  15. I like the horse’s retro spanish moustache

    I really did think that was supposed to be the “sausage and meatballs” I thought horsey was some slang word and this was just a terrible mother.
    MY BAD

  17. I’m losing my touch at being a pervert. I only saw a horse until I read the comments to find out what the deal was.

  18. STEEEEEEEEVERRRRRRRR is hung like an infant. When he whips it out it looks like he has two belly buttons an inny and an outy.

  19. ^ But how would you see him naked if all the guys in the world are stuck in your friend zone?

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