Wednesday, December 5, 2012

More Cheese, Please!

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  1. Stupid horrible ugly thick fat slut.

    Peace 🙂

  2. How does he poop? If I ate that much cheese I would find it difficult.

  3. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    That “girl” is fat.

  4. Cheese is an excellent source of nutrition. I applaud this citizen.

  5. Any one else notice the cheez-its in the bag behind her. Lady sure loves all things cheese

  6. She’s from Wisconson.

  7. Jabba make picnic. Next Jabba eat whole packet of crackers in one mouthful.

  8. Oh hey I know Janna

  9. WOW fail.
    I meant jabba
    Thank you auto-correct.

  10. It seems that I need to offer some powdered cheese. There is enough of a market for it in just this one pic that I bet it would put my kids through college.


  11. She’s only fat because she hasn’t pooped in six years.

  12. Capn! We’re going to need to man the harpoons!

  13. Someone needs to tell this hambeast that her low-carb diet isn’t. fucking. working.

  14. Why is her cheese orange?

  15. ^You must be unfamiliar with cheeses made in America. We like them to have a vivid, radioactive orange color.

  16. It’s orange because it is a disgusting, cheap, sharp cheddar.

  17. Poor excuse for cheese. I prefer the sheep stuff myself.

  18. Oh no! SHE’S TOO BIG, she’s gonna bring us down with ‘er! The lines are breaking! QUICK, kick some depth charges overboard and hold on tight!

  19. Holy cheesus. I feel so unknowlegeable.
    So then what is the usual color of cheese??

  20. When I first saw this pic, I was really sad for this lady. I mean she’s already so big, and all she wanted to do was enjoy some cheese in peace, without having her pic plastered on the internet for the world to see. Then, I thought, maybe this is just the wake-up call she needs to get her life together. Hopefully, she’ll get to see this, and start to change her bad eating habits. Maybe we’ll get a before and after shot when she gets to a good weight…

  21. You are about as knowledgeable as unknowledgeable is a word.

    If you think cheese is usually orange, I recommend moving away from Kraft singles packaged in plastic and actually visit the deli section once in awhile.

  22. Should say unknowlegable. Fail.

  23. Im not a fan of people in a wheelchair caused by Family Sized Cheese Brick eating.

  24. Um yes. It is a word. And don’t you think if “knowledgeable” is spelled with “ea” then so is “unknowlegeable”
    Geez you guys are so unknowlegeable.

  25. The cheeses I’ve seen are orange, orange and yellow, and white.
    So what is it?

  26. And geez the cheese on cheez-its is orange, too!
    You damn betches

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