Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Every Fiesta…

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  1. sack up and fight the power nancy

    that’s one of the guys friends who said let me do this and you take a picture and lets put it on lame book and get many responses. says the guy who comments first.

  2. Why is the girls face pixilated? Was it a cosmetic surgery? Like, was she super ugly so she went to a doctor and asked for him to pixilate her face so people wouldn’t recoil in horror when they looked at her?
    Also, if you zoom in and look really close, you can tell that the guy isn’t Mexican at all, he’s a white guy dressed up to look like a Mexican…such trickery!


  3. The costume isn’t complete without the pancho.

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  5. yeah Arianna, i see what you mean too. i make 4,000k per hour though so fuck your stupid method.

  6. ^ is that segue really necessary? Clearly there is no Arianna. But if there was, she would also think you’re a lifeless cunt hole.

  7. Izzz authenteeeck. He drinking Corona! Ariba!

  8. Where are his LEGS!?!

  9. ^He’s a pirate!! 😀
    From your enemy ship.

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