Monday, April 11, 2011

Let It Out!

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  1. ifitwerentformyhorse

    Wow. So noy funny.

  2. ifitwerentformyhorse


  3. CommentsAtLarge

    “easiest to post it to FB than text everyone”… first, how the hell many people is that then? Second, it’s also easier to let a ton of people know who wouldn’t have known otherwise.

  4. The last post would be better with Sarah’s dad’s input

  5. Thanks, Wallace…I mean Comments. 😉

  6. No need to be all crabby about Ellis’ post. I applaud a person who takes responsibility for their actions. Her pestilence is awful for those afflicted, but I’m sure her openness aids in the healing process.

  7. Markus: Haha, good one Apple store stranger. It’s a frape right? right? right Ellis?… oh shit!

  8. LOL! @soup. Clever comment

  9. Soup is always full of clever comments, and full of soup.

  10. well…we all know now who not to spend the night with

  11. So is it an STD or is she preggo?

  12. Ellis, Markus, Lottie – I vote ‘douchebags’.

    Is Ricky planning to kneecap Sarah or chop her legs off? Disgusting lamebook, threats of violence, take this off immediately, domestic abuse isn’t funny, shame on you, will someone think of the children? etc. etc.

  13. @blonde bimbo if she was knocked up she would be asking for all the people she slept with at a certain time interval such as 8 weeks ago. By requesting all in the last 6 months she is probably trying to pinpoint who the fucker is that gave her the std!

  14. I once proposed during sex… ‘Why don’t you fucking choke on that?’… Was the exact wording of the proposal if I remember correctly.

    I also need to speak to everybody I’ve had sex with in the last month. Mum, Dad, are you out there?!

  15. purebs, probably. Now, the only question left…which one was she lucky enough to contract!?

  16. hootie the blowfish

    She must have had sex with a LOT of people to make announcing an STD over Facebook seem like a more appealing option than contacting the people individually. I’m no prude, but … well, maybe that’s why she doesn’t seem to be as shocked by the STD as I would be. If her partners are sleeping around as much as she apparently has been, I guess this could be something that alarms even her Facebook friends who aren’t sleeping with her. Maybe I’m thinking too much about this. 🙂

  17. All dumb.

  18. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Well somebody apparently doesn’t plan to get laid by any of her facebook friends.

  19. How is it easier to put this out on FB then send a text to everyone? You can mass text the same message out to 10 different people with no problems.

  20. That’s so nice of you to think that it might only be 10 people, slippy.

    Ricky, you’re my kind of romantic.

  21. LOL Word. Just trying to give the girl the benefit of doubt.

  22. ifitwerentformyhorse

    Am I the only one who assumed it’s the one STD everybody dreads? Since that’s the one that takes up to 6 months to show up. (Depending on the test used, but I don’t wanna bore anyone with that.)

  23. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    slippy 10 people in 6 months? that sounds like a dry spell to me.

    Seriously that’s like 1 person every 2-3 weeks!

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