Friday, June 5, 2009

Your UTI is TMI


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  1. herps and UTIs are best friends

  2. ew.

  3. vagfail!

  4. Haha. I like how everyone is quick to post a remedy…

  5. vagfail!!! HAHAHHAHAHAHA toooooo funny

  6. Vagfail might have been the best comment to any post in the history of Facebook ever. So perfect.

  7. haha niceeeee

  8. I will probably say vagfail for the rest of my life now, thank you Lamebook.

  9. Vagfail Ftw! LMFAO

  10. One doesn’t have to be a “slut” to be a constant victim of UTI’s there are many many reasons for them to happen.

    This is hilarious, not lame at all.

  11. whats a uti

  12. It’s the abominable snowman’s cousin. Dude, you’re at a computer. How lazy can you get? A simple search too hard?Urinary tract infection. Also has nothing to do with sex, anyone with a urethra can get one. I’m not exactly seeing how it would make sex impossible. Drink some cranberry juice and stop being such a candy ass.

  13. It’s not impossible, but whoever’s riding the cranberry train is going to be MIGHTY uncomfortable

  14. I know this girl and she is pretty disgusting and a slut in the saddest way.

  15. thatswhat.shesaid

    ^^^ =idiot.

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