Friday, June 5, 2009

When’s Your Birthday Again?


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  1. Bwhahahaha!!! Don’t forget Amanda’s birthday.

  2. Jeez you are annoying. I really hate birthdays on Facebook. Everyone posts the exact same inane comment. It’s so empty and pointless I don’t see what people get out of it and why they are so starved for it. Get some real friends!

  3. there’s nothing better than telling people to wish you a happy birthday….

  4. That’s almost sad, I want to believe that she’s lonely, but she’s probably just attention starved.

  5. Happy Bidet Amanda! Hope you enjoy my gift! (It’s herps.)

  6. This is so sad. She depends on “happy birthday” comments over the internet. Apparently she isn’t having nearly as much fun in real life.

  7. is she the birthmonth girl??!!!

  8. what an attention whore.

  9. What’s the point of saying, “wish me a happy birthday..”? It’s more like saying, “You WILL do my bidding, minions!”

  10. poor thing. if she dont tell them to say it…no one will. only cuz NO ONE GIVES A FUCK

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