Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Little Drunk

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  1. Ben

  2. Toadette is the winner

    how drunk do you have to be to think shitting in a sink is a good idea…

  3. It depends if you have a garbage gobbler.

  4. Hahahahaah Ron, was the trail of shit leading to your bum the first clue?!?!

  5. hey ron, how about instead of giving an update you just delete the damn status. wtf

  6. Jennifer, I think a 4 hour spelling and grammar course is more urgent at the moment……

  7. Styler Tyler? Really?

    And if you designate someone to work your Farmville farm while you’re away, then you have no pool – because you’re definitely Frodo.

  8. The 1st one is lame

    Ron I hope you have to clean that shit up! That shit just isn’t funny when you are the one posting if Jenna had posted it that would have made it a little funny.

  9. Which misspelling did you think was correct, Jennifer? Alcohal? Alchohal? If your status update had included another extension to that ridiculous run-on sentence, would the next spelling have been ahlchohal or halchohal?

  10. Is Styler like S. Tyler? And is there more Lamebook material featuring Styler in full on ‘i’m gunna get fuckin pissed at this wedding wooooooo’ mode? WHoever sent this in should get right on that…

  11. Grammar Police

    lol, I bet that was a kick in the balls for Ron.

  12. Ron is officially awesome.

  13. That Ben thing was kinda funny at first…

  14. why are kasey and patricia so concerned about whether or not styler is at the wedding? is it his wedding? and if it is, then who is carla and why is she farming his farmville?

  15. Carla just takes her crop fees every time she farms Stylers farmville. It’s a tough business growing your virtual crops! Sometimes you gotta put in those extra hours… WASTING YOUR LIFE! Way to go Styler, you’re so awesome, you don’t even have to play the game to build your farm! You just get wasted at weddings and enjoy life. Props.

    Josephine, you’re gonna get knocked up at a very early age when you are completely shit-faced and don’t know what’s happening in illusion land.

    Melanie, I like how your profile picture is of you having an alcoholic beverage.

  16. Sooo….is his name Styler Tyler or what? LMAO.

  17. It’s clearly a joke that they call him Styler.. His name is probably Steve or something to that effect.

  18. Is unimpressed.

  19. haha, designated farmers.

  20. I find this whole post very humorous.

    This past weekend, I bored a plane and landed in farm country (seriously) to go to a wedding, where I got utterly trashed! I woke up the next morning to the sounds of a tractor. It freaked me the fuck out! I’m a city girl, hearing that was just weird.

    p.s. I slept in the “wild life” room as they called it, surrounded by stuffed dead animals and mounted dear heads. It was strangely calming and very odd, and I figured if I was going to be drunk the whole time I might as well have some company in my room (dead animals and such). Wow, what a strange trip that was!

  21. Dead animals always put me to sleep ee.

    By that I mean, dud roots.

  22. word, I think I had a conversation with Bambi! Now that’s fucked up!

  23. ee honey, talking to a dead deer’s head would be more interesting than talking to some dickhead guy with soup for brains, just sayin’.

    I have no problem with your little taxidermy talk, keep it up mate, and you’ll have to give me the address of this lovely “head” wonderland, it sounds like fun.

  24. And with regard to this post, booze it what gets me through… the day, the night, the weekend, weddings, parties, reunions, and sex with unattractive men.

    It’s essential to life.

  25. I’m about to crack open a beer right now, this week has been fucked.

  26. I forgot to ask you ee, did Bambi still respect you in the morning?

  27. I don’t know word, but he sure had some empty eyes the next day. Either I bored him, or I put on quite a show. Seeing as how I was boozed up quite good, and with out my man who was states away. I had some nice (and very intoxicated) ee time.

  28. And with that, I’m off to sleep off the booze I just ingested.

  29. I am 14 and cracking jokes about alcohol, does that make me cool now?!

  30. @ee Didn’t you know that the bambi head ALWAYS has cameras in its eyes?

  31. I’ll go with the idea you gave him an “ee” special with the works, so no way his vacant eyes were the result of boredom.

    You just wore his furry little decapitated head out.

  32. Those vacant eyes were a stunned look of amazement word.
    “How the hell… OMG… Sweet mother of mercy, don’t stop!” I would imagine this ee special is quite the show if it can stun bambi like that.

  33. nuff, ee is THAT good. she can arouse even the stuffed dead.

  34. I hear the admission for said show is one bottle of good quality wine. *check* Who do I line up after or do I get to butt in at the front of the line?

  35. You line up behind me.

  36. Shucks, at least i’ll have a nice view while waiting, 😉 Anyway, off to bed now! Been a long night already. Night word, and enjoy the rest of your afternoon! (I think I got the time right?)

  37. Paranoid Android

    So……… sexy shenanigans with a decapitated Bambi head.

    I’m either taking too much or not enough of the right drugs.

  38. Night nuff, and you have the time down buddy, we’ve got our time zones in order now.

    Paranoid, probably a bit of both. Don’t worry, I have the same problem, but having said that, I’ve been picturing ee’s scenario in my head all afternoon/evening, and it’s very vivid in my head, and I’m drug free today, well, except for the 4 beers.

  39. Too many heads in that sentence, damn you ee and Bambi.

  40. Jennifer has it wrong. The best way to spell “alcohol” is with its French spelling: alcool.

  41. eenerbl, you must have shown the deer your headlights, that always freezes them right up.

  42. lol

  43. TylerDurdenUMD

    Somehow I don’t see Jennifer ever writing a book about astrophysics or advanced mechanical engineering.

  44. I can see, however, Jennifer’s very limited amount of gray matter decorating the wheel wells of a big rig after she inevitably ends up driving the wrong way on a major Florida interstate while simultaneously smoking a blunt, drinking a bottle of Boone’s Farm, and texting her like OMG BFF. I am turgid with anticipation.

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