Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Get the Picture!

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  1. I call fake on the first one.

  2. *sigh* Bethany

  3. People can’t be as thick as bethany. can they?

  4. Yes you did make a typo, you somehow managed to miss out all of your punctuation. Also you’re faking this entire text. You fuck.

  5. Dan’s right.
    There’s a much larger, green bin around front near the street corner for babies.

  6. It’s funny how they blur only the eyes in a big photo – you can still recognize the dude. But in the small pictures they blur the whole thing.

    I would like to see what he answered to Bethany 🙂

  7. I saw a different post with a kid standing in front of the Pyramids, and the girl asks “Is that Stonehenge?” so maybe Bethany is referencing that? (I tried to find a link but gave up)

  8. xenon- i think you’re giving bethany too much credit.

  9. The last one’s been on here before, I could swear it.

    Sadly, it’s the law in LA that all dumpsters have a sticker on it stating that you can’t use it for dumping babies, and giving information on the Safe Haven law. Maybe that guy just ran out of stickers and went with quick and to the point.

  10. i remember the last one too. it was something along the lines of, “cool! when did you get to see the pyramids.” not exactly the same post, but pretty close.

  11. As a New Zealander, I found it very sexually frustrating to visit Stonehenge.

  12. look at that guy standing next to stonehenge pretending like its NBD. that guy is so cool i can’t even stand it.

  13. Omg, Bethany… wow. That’s my name and I think I have to change it now.

    I really hope that she’s making a joke in reference to a post they saw on lamebook. That would be clever and a sign they’ve been spending too much time on here.

  14. Bethany Buzzkillington … has a nice ring to it.

  15. The first one is from this site called smartphowned…

  16. I am sooo glad I don’t know idiots like Bethany.

  17. The last time I saw a baby in the bin….. I took it out of there immediately, what a terribly rotten thing to do to an innocent child I thought.

  18. mofo, what’s this? Have you become a freaking G rated born again Christian or something? Well I don’t like it one little bit.

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