Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Quick and Current

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  1. I like the first 1

  2. Oh and…Ben

  3. Fuck, is “24” still on TV?

    Hasn’t that dead horse been flogged enough already?

  4. brett made me giggle. paul seems like a creep. i think its the sweety that did it. i like being called sweety but not in conjunctiom with someone trying to give me their hot tube……………i prefer slut then 😛

  5. oh, skeleton… I didn’t realize how similar we are 😉

  6. THis post bores me, but the word Hot Tub reminds me to force y’all to go see Hot Tub Time Machine.

    Also MGM are pimping me out.

  7. I saw Hot Tub Time Machine ..the music in it was great and it was funny too 🙂

  8. Hot Tubs make me think of many other things besides the time machine movie. And Katy, I was hoping you liked being called slut. 😉

  9. CommentsAtLarge


    does this mean we should call you sluttypants? 😉

  10. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    I haven’t had time to see that movie. Heard it was pretty funny. Is it like “Hangover” funny or “Superbad” funny?

  11. ummm… i tend to like animals more than people so i say to brittany that it also makes me sad that 40 cows died. people are fucktards and i hate them. they’re always in my way.

  12. have you guys seen “i hope they serve beer in hell”? it’s total guy humor… gross scenes but pretty funny. i didn’t know this until the end and the credits were rolling but some guy i went to high school with co-wrote it.

  13. JesusOnADinosaur

    Superman wears Jack Bauer underwear.

  14. I heart katy!

    I would like a hot tube in my hot tub! That sounds like a phenomenal combination!

  15. I hope Jennifer’s Hot Tube isn’t the bad kind of burning.
    @virgo79 That movie was AWESOME! I would totally Helen Keller that shit.

    To rephrase a quote I rather like, “I’ll call you sweety on the streets and slut in the sheets.”

  16. That is a wonderful quote nuff! Reminds me of…

  17. “I want a lady on the streets and a freak in the sheets.”

  18. nuff, what is that from? It’s oddly poetic!

  19. mymomruinedfacebook

    LOL Nick ftw!

  20. mymomruinedfacebook

    why did 40 cows die?

  21. In Southern CA the other day a truck carrying about 120 cows to the slaughterhouse crashed. They closed down the whole 10 fwy to chase ’em down. Brings cow tipping to a whole new level…:) 40 did not survive the crash.

    Considering they were all going to die anyway it’s not *that* big of a tragedy.

  22. itschaosinhere
  23. @ee Rap music ee, rap music. 😛 I had to try and find what song I had heard it from way back in the day, but that is exactly how I like my women. Turns out it wasn’t exactly as I wrote it, and I just found out the line was ripped off from another artist while searching, lol. Ohhh well, that’s life.

  24. lol

  25. NuquamNunchucks

    @Malteaser: STFU. We get it. You think everything’s funny. Stop spamming and get a life.

  26. Too bad so many cows were killed and WASTED….imagine 40 cows could have been split into 40,000/- burgers…and brittany is referring the cows as ‘Little’…could it get worse.
    Chris this could be thought this way that superman was a normal when he was wearing those tacky suits and calling himself ‘clark’ reminds me of a bird sound.
    And hey paul don’t u get the message…jennifer is asking u to come over with condoms…thatz what she means by Hot tube..u gotta read between the lines..jennifer is playing safe man..go have fun everynight with her but take a condom with ya..Atta boy..

  27. @amitstbunny… Maybe they were genetically altered “mini cows” for mini-cheeseburgers and such ^.^

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