Thursday, November 5, 2009




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  1. Hee hee. Funny, guys. Sorry but I am taken. And is there only 4,573 of me on Facebook? I would have thought more.. And you haven’t found me yet as I have no new friend request.

    But if you manage to find me then you can join FarmTown and be one of my neighbours! I’ll teach you how to virtual farm 🙂

    Hope you enjoyed House, I enjoyed watching my hockey team win last night!

  2. @Megan

    I live in a part of the US that doesn’t televise hockey and I HATE that fact.

    I used to watch hockey quite often and I miss it. Damn midwest America!

    Btw, you’d have to be a lot friendlier than you already have been, in order to get me to join farmville/town, lol. I already play FFS and feel like enough of a loser, for that fact, haha.

    @father sha

    She’s taken, now what do I do??????

  3. What is FFS? And since I generally only play Farmtown at work I don’t feel so bad.

    And I can’t comprehend not being able to watch hockey, but as a Canadian it is a national past time and not something I will ever worry about.

    @father sha. Help the poor guy out…

  4. @Megan. FFS = For Fucks Sake.

    Go Canada!

  5. @Megan

    FFS = Friends For Sale, haha. You buy your friends (or other people on Facebook that play the game) and then you make them “do chores” for other friends. It’s ridiculously stupid and mindless, but I’m trying to get to the top level, then I’m going to quit and not tell anyone that I ever played it to begin with.

    I grew up near Niagara Falls (US Side), so we were pretty huge into Hockey up there. I now live in the midwest and hate the “hockey sucks” mentality down here.

    Yes, Father Sha, help this poor guy out, haha.

  6. lmfao. Farmville is so lame omg

  7. @miz

    Anyone who writes “lmao” and “omg” and calls someone lame need to buy a mirror.

  8. I like that guys seem to like Farmville so much XD

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