Wednesday, May 12, 2010

One Line Winners

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  1. jorge ftw

  2. Mankit???

  3. Michael made me laugh 🙂

  4. anotherusername

    i dont understand the 2nd one? Can someone explain please?

  5. anotherusername

    oh my goodnes…. i get it… lol forget my last question.

  6. Jorge is da’ man.

    Bryan = Ben = Frodo = Herpes

    Mankit is a Chinese name.

  7. Mankit, shut up.
    Seen that reply a million times on Lamebook alone, nevermind every other site I’ve seen it on.
    Change your name too.

  8. oh, it’s Chinese. I thought it sounded more like the male equivalent of a mail order bride. There’s a DIY kit for almost everything now

  9. krasivaya_devushka

    What’s up with herpes being in every post lately? lol

  10. Michael, of course love juice is hot, well it’s pretty damn warm… around 37 degrees celsius/98.6 fahrenheit, to be exact.
    It’s the same temperature as all other fluids (urine, pus) when first leaving the body.

    It goes cold pretty quickly though.
    Gotta hate that wet spot.

  11. i dunno what it is that women have against wet spots. they dry.

  12. Well you sleep on it until it dries, and then we’ll swap sides.

  13. done. that’s what we do at my house already! 😀

  14. ^^ my mother raised a gentleman.

    oh, and BEN!

  15. Good to see you have manners, dc.

    They are sadly lacking in this world.

  16. i credit my mother for raising a gentleman but i really move to stop the whining! 🙂

  17. CommentsAtLarge

    I’ll take my turn in the wet spot, after all I had my hand in it getting there. I made my bed, so I have to lie in it – so to speak.

  18. DC, I’m sure that your mom happily takes credit for teaching you proper emission etiquette.

  19. is it just me that’s getting bored with the formulaic ‘wins’ and one-liners? they’re all a bit intellectually slothful. bring back frodo, i say.

  20. Good to see some of you boys are martyring yourselves to the wet spot cause.

  21. Michael’s response is the only funny one.

  22. @alordslums: Yes. They used to have a lot more unique longer ones, but I guess people aren’t sending those in anymore, cos lately it just seems each update is a collection of either lame ‘Wins’, photos with somebody wanking in the background, some funny groups they’ve found, or jokes about women in kitchens.

    I’d sleep in the wet patch if… *boring personal depressing section*.

  23. hobo – let’s go out on a date. even if you’re a man. nottingham area, can’t accommodate, can travel, can make sandwiches at a push, love rimbaud AND rambo, shoo-wop, doo-wop, all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well (julian of norwich).
    you can help me build my underground bunker that’s designed to last till the next general election. i’m stocking up on buxton mineral water, spam and reggae reggae sauce.

  24. MonkeyCMonkeyDo


  25. Dear anotherusername,
    The second one: “Herpes”

  26. “Which corner” jokes are just not funny. They were the first time someone came up with them, when they were actually original. You’re not witty. Accept it.

    They’re pretty much on par with making some kind of “right/left hand” joke regarding someone who is ‘in a relationship’.

  27. lol

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