Friday, June 5, 2009

David is “That Guy”



Congrats David. You think you’re the suave guitar playing babe slayer, when in fact you are a douche. Stop playing crash into me or else.

♥ The Editors

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  1. i hate this guy…so very, very much

  2. Come on, lamester of the day? You gotta start searching a little more.


  4. wow. the lamest yet. easily. what a straight up douche


  6. A guy playing an acoustic guitar. This is revolutionary. It would be really groundbreaking if he lands an open-mic gig at a coffee shop and sings about some girl he’s never dated that left him.

  7. while he applies guy-liner and writes soulful and vunerable lyrics.. oops i just puked on myself.

  8. Way to go artsy, sensitive David. Ugly girls and girls that feign interest on Facebook are all over you.

  9. So go take that acoustic, grab a Bud Light, and sit in the nearest crowded bar and pretend to brood so you can attract the slightly drunk girls with the big sunglasses and the fruity Bacardis.

  10. David is well on his way to the herpfest . . . not!

  11. *shudder* all three of them……

  12. i know way too many people like this. disgusting.

  13. why is this disgusting?…lol

  14. i hate ppl they say wub or wob as they put it

  15. *that

    don’t attack me for my spelling mistake!

  16. Eddie Rabbitt?

  17. I dont get why its so lame.
    Apart from the whole wob thing, thats just plain annoying.

  18. Playing guitar in a thunderstorm actually is pretty cool. The question is, does this guy really feel that way or is he just trying to *sound* cool? It’s much funnier if we all just assume he’s a self-absorbed douchebag, though he’s probably not.

  19. obviously kevnar, you are this douchebag XD

  20. Dave is my brother. He is playing at his house out of town. The guy fishes in Alaska 6-9 months a year and is hardly home. We used to have a band. This isn’t a come on to anybody, he is just letting his friends know that he is relaxing at home, and not out doing a job none of you pussy fucks could evem imagine doing. He sees i=his friends 3 months a year and they realize that relaxing takes on a new meaning when you are gone so long. Glad you fucking losers can judge so easily.

  21. Hey Hedu, you’re brother sounds like a faggot.

  22. Hedu Blows, if you are going to try to be funny (which you are not) at least learn how to spell.

    By the way, if this status update belongs on lamebook I don’t know what doesn’t. Really. I’m sure you can do better than this.

  23. Thanks Anna, the post doesn’t merit Lamebook and the responses are petty attacks from people who don’t like themselves.

  24. Translation: “That Guy,” in Lamebook’s world, means “that guy who can actually play guitar and doesn’t need some twenty-dollar RockBand proxy to feel good about himself.” Save the uninspired projection of personal failure for your Livejournal community, Editors.

  25. gerrard is also “that guy” and that guy can suck vthat dick. that guys are fucking attention/drama whores.

  26. This sounds nice. I sing when I feel lonely. SO WHAT?! This is not “lame”!

  27. Good call on using the acoustic during a thunderstorm and not the electtric, otherwise we’d be reading about this at the Darwin Awards instead.

  28. Mostly concerned about the whole “Wob” thing. Sounds painful and possibly involving hard rubber or plastic blunt objects.

    @hedu Allow me to introduce you to the internet.

      /ˈɪntərˌnɛt/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [in-ter-net] Show IPA
    Use internet in a Sentence
    See web results for internet
    See images of internet
    a vast computer network linking smaller computer networks worldwide. A gathering place for assholes with too much time on their hands and a searing sense of sarcasm that usually far bypasses those who wear defenses on their sleeves. It is strongly suggested you take anything on the internet in stride as your opinions will be mocked and set ablaze in a glorious flame of sardonic fire.

    See also: B/tards/

  29. I don’t get this one either.

    p.s. it’s “suave guitar-playing babe slayer” not “suave guitar playing babe slayer” unless you idiots really meant to call him a guitar.

  30. Gyn- yes!!

  31. i want to stab their eyes with rusty forks

  32. @Ho Fo Sho, I am so with you!

    Who the hell says “I wob you” and why the hell don’t you guys find it lame?? Nothing to say of “fantabulous”…these are grown-ups??

  33. This one is stupid, and everyone who agrees with this post is as well. All this person did was post about how he enjoyed playing a friend’s guitar on his porch during some rainy weather. How in the hell does a person who enjoys playing an instrument make him a douchebag? Especially when compared to the orange, muscle-bound guidos who have too much hair gel and attract trashy women that are in other posts in this category? I mean David wasn’t even bragging about his guitar skills, or trying to be the center of attention with his guitar at, like, a party or something. That I can understand as being slightly douchey, but no, Dave was playing his guitar by himself and made a facebook post about it, which his friends then liked and commented about.

    Not everyone fits under the “douchey because he attracts women with his guitar” stereotype, and I think alot of the hate towards this guy is just stemming from jealousy or meaningless spite. Overall, -1/10 bad post, my friend.

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