Monday, July 13, 2009

You Lost Us at “Actually Care”



Josh, congratulations … all of the time you spent writing this note has earned you a Lamester Award.  Not only because it’s long, a little pretentious, and includes the word “schadenfreude,” but also because if we understand you correctly, and what you’re saying is true, you’re leaving Facebook for a while.  And sure, this may be right for you, but come on man! If you start some sort of Facebook exodus revolution then … well, we’re out of business.  And frankly that’s just lame.

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  1. OK I thought someone would have already said it, but Josh does NOT know how to use all those words properly. Schadenfreude is German for joy in other people’s misfortunes. You therefore cannot have self-directed schadenfreude. Look up the German word for joy in your own misfortunes Josh, or better yet, stick to using words you understand in the first place.

  2. Yeah… so at best we’re looking at dissociative fugue and at worst paranoid schizophrenia.

    Isn’t “self-directed schadenfreude” masochism?

  3. @mkho5- I had a whole response typed up before I re-read your comment…and yeah, I think it would be masochism, but I think he’s referencing it as an exaggerated ability to laugh at oneself.

  4. There are lots of words I don’t use because I don’t want to be called pretentious. I’m not pretentious. I like words though. When I come across words I don’t know, I look them up. I don’t always spell them right and sometimes I use the wrong word. But you’ve got to admit that it takes some guts to use a word that people might call a $2 word or a $5 word if the backlash you get is anything like most of these comments.

  5. I actually really like this.

  6. If Holden Caulfield had a facebook, I imagine it would be something like this.

  7. He certainly spent a lot of time and effort explaining something he doesn’t think he can explain or anyone else can comprehend.

  8. I doubt he really detached himself from modern civilization. He probably went to McDonalds and Walmart after he finished writing this.

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