Monday, July 13, 2009

Dino Dump

Dino Dump

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  1. Let me guess, she is one of those moms who takes pictures of EVERYTHING they do… LAME!

  2. Goddamned first-time parents should just shut the fuck up.

  3. I mean this is quite lame, but this new mommy facebook BS already has its own blog: STFU, Parents. I am frankly getting a little sick of the overlap between the two.

  4. STFU, Jason

  5. LMAO

  6. The stupidest part here for me is the “Problem is, he will only do something on the potty when he is on it.”

  7. Remember when facebook used to only allow college students to join…this is why.

  8. If they’re that amazed at this.. will they have heart attacks when their children succeed at something that isn’t expected during normal human development?

  9. Erin, i must say i agree. this is absurd.

    besides, shouldn’t a parent have more important things to do than whack off uselessly on a networking site?

  10. Well said Erin. They need to make a “parent book” or something for people to talk about their kids poopies and peepees and leave the rest of us who don’t give a crap (pun intended) out of it.


    I’m getting sick of the overlap between humorous comments and comments like yours that suck the fun out of life.

  11. Maybe they could also start a club called “Future Helicopter Parents of America.”

  12. This is SO relatable! I mean, i JUST found out my little boy has learned to masturbate!!! He’s such a big boy. Photos to come!!!!

  13. I’m still trying to work out how to poo on the potty myself. I’ve come close a few times but something always happens. I stand up too soon, sneeze, forget what I’m doing and just walk away. I found this stuff really really helpful, inspiring and motivating. I’m going to go try again.

  14. “If they’re that amazed at this.. will they have heart attacks when their children succeed at something that isn’t expected during normal human development?” AHAHA KB!

  15. This post only got ultra lame when she decided to discuss all the problems she’s had since the exciting event of “Ellis Bellis” poo.

  16. uuuuuuuuuuugggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so lame. hate this.

  17. Joydivisionthecure

    So he’s supposed to be doing things on the potty when he’s off of it?

    and Sandy nice I almost died Reading that comment.

  18. TMI. Seriously. No one wants to hear about your kid’s shit.

  19. Mandatory parent always takes a picture of the kid taking a shit (in the process), the baby gets off the toilet and takes a picture of the shit.
    or the kid poses in front of the shit.

    what kind of mom doesnt do this?

    “mikey’s first diarrhea”

  20. Not just a poo…but a glorious poo. Praise be to Jesus.

  21. aww, shit. how come i didn’t get the world’s biggest dinosaur when i learned how to take a crap?

  22. It’s amazing how these ladies are all having a blast talking about some kid taking a shit on the potty. It’s like it’s a major event to celebrate or something.

  23. Lying goddamn whore. She’s not going to give him a dinosaur.

  24. Christ on a cracker

    I really really really hope that when motherhood knocks on my door, I don’t get as lame as these bitches. And I if by some chance I do turn out this way, you have my permission to remove my ovaries with an old, rusty fork and take the poor kid away from me!

  25. I hope you never have a kid you sound psycho.
    she’s proud of her kid who the fuck cares what you think you toxic bitch?

  26. Well, metalcraze, your comment sounds like a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

  27. Dear god. Especially Angie’s comment, “I realized I was a GOOD MOTHER and was DOING SOMETHING RIGHT.” You realized this when your kid pooped in the potty? -_-

    I don’t get these women, I really don’t.

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