Monday, July 13, 2009

Always Time for Keyboarding Practice! Haha!!

Always Time for Keyboarding Practice

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  1. …is this girl about ten?

  2. haha!!1!

  3. wow, the only person who can be an attention whore while someone dies, I hope she feels good about that

  4. Speed racer?

  5. this is freaking ridiculous! what a little brat.. outrageous that someone can be that shallow

  6. GG died on June 28, 1993.

    That really MUST have “took [her] a long time though!!!”

  7. Someone is seriously losing their FB privileges at the mental institution after having posted that…

  8. hey — i bet GG would be proud of her (great?) granddaughter for her typing skills.

  9. I can guarantee she is one of these little brats that has hundreds of photos of herself with that stupid pouty lips pose and an ounce of clothes on. She comments her photos about how sexy she is and how her girls are her girls for LIFE. She will probably end up dead for texting while stepping in front of a truck she was obvlivious was coming while her ane her idiotic friends walk in a huge group down a busy road.

  10. She seems more excited to be typing without looking than worried about GG.

  11. If you cut out the “omg!!!! im typing without looking at the keyboard and its really hard!!!!” that message gets a whole lot more sinister.

  12. lol @ Conspiracy… that is brilliant! It made my day.

  13. @Conspiracy hahaha, nice

  14. lol, the first thing i thought was Gossip Girl will never die! idk who calls a 95 year old woman GG but whatever. and lol@conspiracy

  15. LOL NVM! I just want a couple of black men to double penetrate my butthole ROFL ROFL LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111111111111111111111111111111111


  17. Way to keep it real, Paula.

  18. Lol @ Paula: “GG is not dying.”

  19. I thought the attention seeking ho was referring to Gary Glitter, the British paedophile popstar.
    I was gonna say, PEOPLE WE HAVE FOUND A FAN!

  20. “GG is not dieing. She is just 95 and had a heart attack and a stroke” Paula, please explain what you consider ‘dieing’ if thats not it.

  21. She’s one of those people who change topics on a dime, like “Do you like marshmallows? Did you ever want to be a ballerina??!” Tragedy/look at meeeeeeee in this case.

  22. Hahaha this is so goddamn horrible.

  23. She’s just extremely ill?
    Oh, okay.

  24. Someone who knows this little trollop, please go over to where she is, slap her silly, and take away all points of Internet access for her. PLEASE. She can learn typing skills perfectly well on an old typewriter. BTW, I had no idea one could actually still have living great-grandparents beyond one’s preschool years.

  25. Sure, I mean, if your whole extended family is made of teenage sluts, you could be 30, your mom 45, your grandma 60, your great-grandma 75, and your great-great grandma 90. And then you could be like “GGG’s dying!!!!!! waaaah I’m 30 and I’m learning to type!!!!! This is hard!!!!”

  26. Diane Mk II: My great-grandmother is 97. I’m 23. 🙂

  27. My great-grandfather is 100 years old, i am16 =)

  28. My great grandma is 84, my grandma is 64, my mom is 44, I’m (almost) 24… and my daughter is 8 months 🙂

    we were all married before we had children and none of us a was a teenage slut (er at least not that they’ve confessed to)

  29. jimmythemanwalker

    @28 Jen, following natural progression and mathematics your daughter should be 4 years old right now. You broke the cycle!

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