Friday, July 10, 2009

Have a Good Weekend

Three Asses

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  1. why….

  2. Why is it that all the fun parts are girls are blurred, but I have to see a man-ass first thing when I go to lamebook?

  3. Posting pics like that on Facebook isn’t exactly keeping your homosexuality “on the down low”…

  4. His shorts say BYU… For hells sake…

  5. I feel like we need to know what he’s doing standing on the chair with his pants down…

  6. its because hes gonna hang himself pantless 😀

  7. dumb. …also you blurred the wrong asses.

  8. Who cares. I take the dark one if he’s std free.

  9. not that funny

  10. okay that just made me lose my appetite. take that ass down!

  11. Hey look its two dicks and one ass, you have to love gay porn x-D

  12. hahahaha! “you blurred the wrong asses” this is gross. wh

  13. igngore that wh on the end.

  14. If you’re trying to show off your muscles, there is something highly distracting behind you, and no one cares now.

  15. “No homo”

  16. As nice as those arms are, I like the guy in the back best for ruining their utterly douchtastic picture.

  17. @16: Ruining it? He took the douchiness to a whole new level..

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