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  1. I don’t know what’s more disheartening, the fact that this stupid status exists or the fact that there are so many assholes willing to back Ryan up. Ay dios mio!

  2. I learned to speak the Mohawk language out of respect to original inhabitants of the country and state that I live in. I haven’t met a single person to have a conversation with but when I do, I will be ready!

  3. wow, CT is racist. he likes those proper european spaniards, but not those coarse, brown mexicans!

    and lmao at brian. methinks the gentleman doth protest too much. LOLing at the ‘insult’ of hippie liberals. are you 80 years old, or eric cartman?

    it’s the lazy-minded martyrdom of a sad little fundie wingnut who cries about the mean liberals not tolerating his intolerance, or in this case, outright stupidity. sweetcheeks, the first amendment protects our silly ryan AND the people who call him an idiot. isn’t it amazing how it works? don’t like that those filthy liberals also have freedom of speech? try out another, less democratic country. The US is not for you.

  4. @Brian
    You had me at ‘Fuck off all you hippie liberals’. I could listen to you talk about your work all day. Tell me more…

    I want to setup a threesome with you and my Brian. Oh the fun we would all have together. I could pretend to be sarcastic and you could completely miss it then we’d roll around in giggles, naked whilst BriBri gets his hammer out.

  5. Too Soon? FTW!

  6. @CT
    Whilst I believe that it is important in this day and age for new immigrants to be educated in the English Language, I also believe that Spanish Language Education in the United States is in a sorry state. The reality of history is simply this, Spanish has been spoken on the North American continent continuously longer than any other Indo-European language. You and other English-only people may not want to admit it, but the Spanish language is just as much a part of your heritage as an American as English ist. Think of all the words that have entered our lexicon that come from Spanish: pinata, jalapeno, buckaroo (from sp. vaquero), yo quiero Taco Bell, camisole, casa, quesadilla, tornado, canyon, and on and on and on. California, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Texas,Florida, Louisiana, New York, Illinois, Oklahoma, and Nevada all have significant populations that speak Spanish. Other states that had not had significant populations of speakers are seeing a growth. Another reality that you and others may not want to face is that in this increasingly globalized business world, having another language at your disposal is golden in relations with other countries. Even if you are not fluent, having conversations in another’s language gives you a whole other perspective. Much of the world’s children are bilingual some have more languages than that. Many European children have an extensive education in their own language as well as French and English. American children on the other hand, only HAVE to take two to three years in a Foreign Language in public schools. Truthfully many do choose Spanish, but few usually leave with more than a sackful of useful phrases at their disposal. In this new world, that puts American children at a severe severe disadvantage in terms of employment and pay rate. Considering every country south of us speaks Spanish with the exception of Belize, Guyana, French Guiana, and Brazil (though all four have significant sized Spanish or Spanish Creole speaking minorities), it is time for all people to be educated in Spanish and in English. The fact that those gentlemen couldn’t understand the poster is as much the fault of the poster as it is theirs for living in a country with Spanish as it’s second language and never bothering to learn to communicate in it.

  7. LOL@Too Soon?
    Indigo lost me at @…

  8. @Indigo #56: Dear, you raise some decent points, but by G_d, you’re long-winded. This is not the academic peer review forum of the Science Journal, bebeh. Brevity.Is.The.Soul.Of.Wit.

  9. @CT: I am not “crippled by political correctness.” I live in LA and am surrounded on a daily basis by illegal immigrants who work their butts off as maids, produce harvesters, custodians, handymen, and such. They are decent, honest, kind people who come to America, YES, often illegally, with a hope to make better money than in Mexico. They labor like slaves and save every penny they make to send home. If you are not moved by their plight, you are not human. It is grotesque to ask these people to learn proper English. Most of them DO speak elementary English, and make an effort. Lest you fucking forget, California belonged to Spain before it was won over by the US in a war. How dare you put down the immigrant people who assure that you can have fresh tomatoes and cucumbers on your table? These are noble people, and we best honor them.

  10. sarcastic meow and and everyone else talking about Spanish:
    Galician and Catalan and Basque are NOT dialects of spanish. They are seperate entities all very unique and distinct. There are others, as well: Leonese, Asturianu etc. They are all romance languages like French or Italian or Romanian(except Basque which is NOT related to any known language except possibly Georgian). Catalan has some similarites to French. Galician is similar (but with very distinct differences) to Portuguese. All the romance languages have individual throwbacks to what we colloquially call Latin. But they are all extremely different from one another and with very diverse structures
    As far as Mexican and Latin American Spanish: every country has it´s own slang and expressions and cuss words but it´s still Spanish.

    To Ryan and his orignal whine: You learn another language to expand your brain power. Look at how ingenius the Swiss are, with only 4 languages. The brain is not like a file box that fills up. Memory in general is more like a muscle that the more you use it, the more you can remember. There are few things as effective at raising your IQ than learning another language, because it´s like growing another brain, a whole new chain of thought processes. At the very least another part of the brain that you never use.

    As a rule, Americans are pathetic at foreign languages. We need to start teaching new languages at younger ages because after 8 years old the brain gets hard wired and it´s much more difficult to pick them up. Most Americans never even study a second language until high school when it´s practically too late. In most parts of Europe it´s in primary (elementary) school and a thousand times more effective.

    And one more thing:
    Why is it that the only thing conservatives want to have in common with France is the total rejection of a second language?
    That is by far the WORST thing about France, that if you don´t have a perfect native accent you are automatically relegated to a lower class. Sound familiar?

  11. I read “streethookers” at first so I was a bit confused.

  12. IKnowMySheetrockBetterNMeskins

    I do so agree. The type of Mexicano we get is of the lower, guttural breed who cannot–simply cannot– comprehend the Truths of Sheetrock. Their mental conceptions are not adequate. One cannot express the sublime saxon nomenclatural delicacies in a such a coarse manner. BTW I speak Ancient Greek, Sanskrit, Icelandic and twelve other languages– I am no uneducated racist. But the crude border-mexican sheetrock-installer simply does not think of entering graduate school. He has not the proper regard for education. Inasofar as– MANUELA! MANUELA- TE DICHO MUCHO LOS TIEMPOS NO LAVARSE LOS PLATOS MUCHO COSTO DINERO EN EL DEESHWACTCHER!! Excuse me– where was I? It simply offends me that these people dare to seek employment without having mastered the idiom of our forebears– JOSE!? JOSE? MI CAJA NO PONER DONDE NO VER BIEN! TE HABLO ESTO MUCHOS TIEMPOS PERO SIEMPRE EL CAJO NO MIRAR!! USTED MEXICANO NO MUY INTELIGENTE PORQUE NO HAGO MUY BIEN CON LOS CAJONES. COMPRENDA?? O yes– it behooves one, one seeking employment to master the form of speech of those from whom one will be taking orders and whom one will be obeying… after all…

  13. by God that old boy jeb and that old boy roy down nair at the dapartmant store near the post office across the street from that big ol tree near the ha-way….

  14. i felt my brain died a little.

  15. typical pee-brained loosers. I guess them mama is reel proud of dem boys…too much in breeding in that thar trailer park, i what I be thinking …. hick!

  16. @ 65. loosers, them mama, dem, thar, i what i be thinking?

    wow. at least some mexicans can speak proper spanish.
    the world is full of dumb ass people.

  17. Are they all serious? What dumb idiots! Mexicans and Spaniards all speak Spanish!! Only a few words may differ but generally they speak the language called SPANISH. Thank goodness they’re all friend because they’re all ignorant dumb asses.

    I’m also doubting if they’re all Americans because it’s a pity they couldn’t even spell words in their language properly!


  18. @sarcasticmeow – well played sir/madame! Your posts were incredible!

  19. wow, there should be a site to post all the threads that become international debates

  20. Hah! ^ Burn!! Lolz…

    PS: i might have used “Burn” in the wrong context… sorry


  22. Damn this is offensive or saddening I don’t know. I’m from Honduras and we don’t speak errr Honduran….it’s SPANISH!
    Are these people really that stupid or are they pretending???
    That’s why we hate gringos…they think they’re all superior. There are obvious exceptions…I don’t mean to generalize…but daaaaaaaamn…
    They are hopeless.

  23. They aren’t pretending. They really are that stupid. I’m from America, and I run into idiots like this everyday. It’s sickening.


    ¬¬ on the other hand…heeeey! look! I can write properly! And I’m not from USA! I’m peruvian, you see? And yet, you have made such a disgusting thin to your lenguage..”This is America..if you can’t speak english..learn it or get out!” WTF? honestly…the very first bunch of people that should leave are they! ¬¬ bleeeeh!

    I’m pissed of, so what!? >:0

  25. I agree with NekoPau

  26. It saddens me on a daily basis to witness such displays of absolute ignorance. I was born and raised in Mexico and I think English is a beautiful language, yet many native English speakers murder it constantly with their lack of basic education.
    If as an American you’re so proud of your country, embrace your culture first and foremost by using your language correctly.

  27. disregard that, i suck dicks

  28. WikidJuggaloPanda

    @78 FTW WIN

  29. What ever idiot said that Louisiana and Illinois were Spanish names, you’re wrong. They are French. Notice the spelling.

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