Thursday, June 4, 2009

spell check pleeze. geese loueeese.


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  1. GEESE!

  2. goose

  3. check out the spelling of her name! she can’t help it

  4. geese have natural anti-herps defenses

  5. Hahaha. I love the “GEESE!”

  6. Yeah, omg guys, Geese!

  7. GEESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  8. What’s FTI? Heck.. What’s an “E Farm Town Crap” Geese!! What’s this complaint about? LOL!

  9. Farm Town is a game on facebook and you can’t even get what she is bitching about unless you approve of it first. So she approved it and is now bitching that people are sending her gifts for her Farm. What a dumb whore… Geese!

  10. Who the hell spells their name like that? Nice try on being original you ended up looking like a douche. And yeah, geese!

  11. um, i’m pretty sure that geese isn’t an option for Farm Town gifts; however, if she wants them, i’m sure someone can find them.

  12. sorry, “geese” was supposed to be in quotes in my original post.

    *sigh* i fail at mockery.

  13. “i’d rather here how u all r…”

    translation: “i’d rather hear how you all are..”
    “i’m a complete idiot and i should’ve re-read this before i posted it for all of facebook to read.”


  14. GEESE! Holy shit, that is classic

  15. “FTI”

  16. FTI… It only takes a sec to type out the extra two letters in “are”…

  17. Maybe I dont want to tell you what I feel like?


  18. Lynsi is secretly Terry Bogard.

    Just watch out when she asks you ARE YOU OK?!

  19. GEEEEEESSE!!!!! FTW!

  20. Sounds like she signed up for Farmville, and people keep sending her stuff from it, not just asking her to join. She should manage her applications and delete the ones she doesn’t use. Problem instantly solved, “geese”!

  21. Sem, one problem – it’s Farm Town, and that game sends you shit even when you don’t have the app installed on your profile. It shows up in your notifications that someone would like to give you a tree, or a pig or whatever.

  22. Geese, you guys know I don’t give a Duck! That shit is quack.

  23. LMAO Mickey – I almost snorted coffee through my nose reading that

  24. I just laughed so hard I drooled… GEESE!

  25. ten bucks on what her safe-word is.

  26. Oh geese!!

  27. Lynsi? Seriously, is that a legit name? Sounds like Lindsay gone wrong.

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