Wednesday, January 20, 2010


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  1. farmville is frodo.

  2. Farmville must have a pool then.

  3. watch out for the dust bowl, jun!

  4. farmville’s pool is enormous.

  5. WTF is Farmville??? Is it like SimCity/Sims??

  6. il join that not playing farmville thing

  7. fuck farmville

  8. Oh wow. Lamers !!

  9. I’ve seen that swastika one before, like 4 months ago. Still lame though.

  10. lostintranslation

    @OneTwo3: Frodo doesn’t have a pool!

  11. I have a pool.

  12. Looking at the last post, is Farmville actually more fun than thought?

  13. If I had an imaginary farm I would grow genetically modified mutant crops, milk my 8 uddered cows 24 hours a day, rear 18 legged chickens in tiny cramped conditions, and treat pigs inhumanely to produce leaner bacon.

    Then I would update all my friends constantly on how ‘well’ my little patch of virtual rural industry was going, after that I would commit suicide in the realisation that my worthless life has amounted to nothing.

    This is serious advice that all players of Farmville should consider…Kill yourself

  14. I actually think the swastika picture is great. I enjoy it greatly. I especially like the smiling, blond haired, blue eyed farmer standing in front of it.

    I think it’s ftw!

    And I used to love simcity, as I’m sure a lot of you nerds here did as well… so I don’t see why everyone has to attack the farmville players, especially going so far as to say they don’t deserve to live.

    I realize you’re trying to be funny by going to the extreme, but… seriously? Yes, it’s lame to update your status with farmville every 20 minutes, but just playing it is fine. It’s no different than Mafia Wars and Farkle, and Vampire Something, and the other games that people play and STILL look down on Farmville.

    I personally don’t play any of them, but if you want to, feel free, just expect me to “hide” your farmville updates.

  15. LOL, WOW!! Imamofo should heed his own advice. He sounds ornery and miserable. YIKES!

  16. I live in a farming community. Anyone running around asking for help with “fertilizing my crops” would get pummeled with fenceposts.

  17. I am not a member of facebook so I had never heard of this Farmville thing til my sister started to speak of it a few weeks back. I guess its better than spending 40 hours a week on WoW, but I don’t get the appeal.

  18. @mcowles: Agreed. You are certainly not Frodo.

  19. “It’s no different than Mafia Wars and Farkle, and Vampire Something, and the other games that people play and STILL look down on Farmville.”

    See, I don’t play ANY of these shit, pointless games so I can insult farmville as much as I like.

    Farmville is utterly wank.

  20. Maybe if Rebecca had fertilized Jeff’s crops once in a while he wouldn’t have left her.

  21. The hakenkreuz one is hilarious. It’s almost art (although very politically incorrect I must add). It almost makes me want to play the stupid game.

  22. @Lizzle

    I also don’t play any of the games, but I don’t think people are lame to simply play them.

    Are you saying you’ve never played any sim game? You’ve never played any role playing game where you do mindless tasks?

    I bet you have… it’s no different. Just on a different platform.

  23. @belle83773
    I didn’t get it either – this might help. Though I should warn you, after a few lines it gets unbelievably boring…

  24. Farmville may be lame, but it sure takes up the free time. I ENJOY IT.

  25. My dealer is so addicted to this shit… I go there to pick up 420 and the dude just starts rambling about fertilizing crops, neighbors, having a second account so he could fertilze himself (which is a big disturbing on many levels) and all that crap… Good thing I was high or listening to all that would of annoyed the fk out of me

  26. Rebecca FTW

  27. @sensible madness, wouldn’t Jeff be the one fertilizing Rebecca? If not, I really didn’t pay enough attention in high school biology…

  28. I’m confused, Jeff doesn’t have crops, he has zoo animals
    Regardless, all those ridiculous Facebook game apps are as bad as each other

  29. Can someone enlighten me on the pool thing? I’m up to date with all the other references…

  30. @wordpervert –

    there is a zoo, an aquarium, mafia wars, anime – everything you can think of. They are all Farmville, which means they are all Frodo.

  31. Oh ya – forgot about My Cafe. Same thing. No, I do not want your leftover chicken cutlets!!!!!

  32. I think the amount of energy people put into their hate and utter dislike of Farmville is more lame than the amount of energy people put into playing Farmville. Creating/Joining a group about hating Farmville? Really? You know you can block any apps you don’t like from posting on your wall, right?

    But, then again, I think putting energy toward hating anything that much is lame.

  33. @yumnori


    you seem to be putting an awful lot of energy into complaining

  34. @mcowles
    We all know you play these games
    So get over it and STFU
    No one would get this defensive if they didn’t

  35. Bet Jun’s second profile pic is actually his favourite photo from the Farmville album.

  36. Jun need to be smashed over the head with his keyboard

  37. @lizzy, some people had a discussion about who was which character from Lord of the Rings, no one wanted to be Frodo, one of the posters was not Frodo because he had a pool. Hope that helps.

  38. Thanks @nashntth! Read the Frodo thing, but missed the pool part – lmao!

  39. @Tink

    Hmmm, sorry, but I haven’t. I just think there’s better things to make fun of, than someone simply playing the game(s).

    My dog’s name is Tink, so it’s hard to stay mad at you. 🙁

  40. Did you happen to see the ‘add as friend’ button on Jun’s profile? Jun probably hid most of their personal albums from non-friends, which is a safe thing to do. Do you want the whole of facebook to look at your family photos?

  41. @anonymouse

    it seems you did read it since you partially quoted me.

    also, it’s 5 sentences….

  42. agree, rebecca ftw

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